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akblackdawgRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Thank you for all the reply's and advice. Her desire is to have something she can wade with and hopefully find something. She has some experience from a location she use to work on 6 mile and has a nice nugget from there she has saved and wants to get back into it. Primarly she wants to be able to wade in a couple feet of water. But she is short, under 5' so 2' is deep water for her:devil:. She has a wetsuit. I think we are most concerned with damaging the detector when she should slip or fall in the water and submursing the detector. She wants a good one, not a toy or something designed for finding somebody's old watch. I did stop at mining and diving and pick up some brocures and we plan on buying something this spring. :thankyou: Thanks again, Bud
bob_thomasRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
When you say she wants to use it underwater, do you mean she actually wants to get the detector under water or just get the coil down 1-2 feet in the water? Most all the coils on the new detectors, with some exceptions, are capable of being submerged in 18" of water. The new Garrett AT-Pro, at
$499.00, can be submerged up to 10' and still is good for land use.
Now, having said that, metal detecting a stream with the goal of finding out where to dredge, is not going to be a good indicator. Even the most sensitive detectors, like the Goldbug 2, at 70 kh and the Whites GMT, at 60 kh, will not
detect small flake and fine gold....and in many streams, that's all there is. So, you could be missing many good dredging areas with a lot of gold if your trying to prospect with a metal detector.
GoldinmyearRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Sorry Im late....Ive been M-ding on the claim, Looking for new holes. found 3 ,and 1 is ...so far,,, very productive.
The Surfmaster ,Made by Whites ,is by far one of the best freash water detectors you will ever use, Also the CZ-20
made by Fisher) But ,you must get them upgraded tobe more sensitive to gold. (Mr.Bills Mods) Yes...Minelab makes a very good sea worthy detector ,Either the 800 or the 1000
Although im not sure which one does better in freash water.
Let me know what else I can do to ease your pain....Tor
Heres my favorite freash water Gold Detector...
baubRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Fisher has 2 underwater models CZ-21 and 1280X. They have a model CZ-3D that might work on sandy beaches.

Rattlesnake_JimRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting

My wife told me she wants a metal detector, must be able to use it underwater as will as ground. She is a novice miner with a small 2.5" back pack dredge, and a small gold screw. Wants to use the detector to find area for placer mining. She does not want a big one, small is best in her case since she is under 5' and not much more then 100 lbs and we both qualify as old. Just looking for some ideas since neither of us really know anything about metal detectors. Thanks, Bud

A gold pan would be more productive to find areas suitable for mining. You could waste days and months with a detector swinging it over ground where the gold is too small to be detected. That same small gold could pan out or be dredged profitably. Also, research is the key to finding gold. To be successful you have to do your homework. If the geology isn't right there will be no gold. Most detectors are used in known/proven gold producing areas that usually produced at least small detectable nuggets or specimens.
Good luck!

RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Wiz, I am sure there are a bunch of good MD users on this forum. If they are like me they are probably fairly good with their chosen unit in their normal hunting area. But most of them look to Steve as the most knowledgeable when it comes to a cross section of units. He is one of the few that I know that has the resources to test various models in different locations. Steve has spent a lot of his time putting together the most comprehensive report I am aware of on most of the available units.
OldAuHeadRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
I thought I saw a Mine Lab that was submersable for around $700.
Tesoro & Gold Bug are GOOD for nugget shooting, but I think not under water, maybe to about 8 inches deep. Not sure if their head/coil is sealed.
I'm no expert, but that's what I think. I still have my (one 9V battery)Metrotec from 1975, and find stuff with it, although I have 2 more that are better, one is a Whites, the other is a Garrett.
MarshallAkRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
I 2nd the "go to talk to Steve" idea. Steve is the most knowledgeable person I can think of, concerning metal detecting...a pro. He can at least steer you in the right direction.

Jim_AlaskaRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Bud, go to Alaska Mining and Diving and talk to Steve Herschbach. He is a wealth of detector knowledge. He uses both above and underwater dectors.
pelukRe: best value for metal detector for gold hunting
Hmm,seems odd nobody has a suggestion.Maybe the metal detector is not the most suitable tool for detecting likely underwater locations to begin using that small dredge.A dredge that small could probably do its own locating.You don't want to move masses of sand with it,and can't really anyway.It's going to be best used for cracks or areas close to bedrock.

However,at this last "garage sale"at Alaska Mining and Diving Supply,they had a detector with a tolerable pricetag which had underwater capability.I believe it was the "AT PRO".I say tolerable because it was in the $5oo+ range and it was priced lower than elsewhere.
Maybe someone here knows something about that model.

I have a Minelab which,although a very capable unit,is not to be used in a moist environment let alone underwater.It cost about 5x as much so that is worthy of consideration.

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