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ChaceRe: "Prospecting" for diamonds the easy way
I've heard it said that if you sweep a flashlight beam after dark fairly horizontal to the parking lot, the little buggers will twinkle at you.
dredgerRe: "Prospecting" for diamonds the easy way
:smile: also only applies to top parking areas ( in the sun ) in multi story parking lots, :devil:.

Gotta get some sort of suction going here, oh oh. anyone know how to hot wire a street/parking lot sweeper, :smile:.

No No, got to be inconspicuous here, steal and strip the street / car parking lot sweeper, and retro fit sweepers and suckers to a small van, got it.

cub, you are now the father of " carpark prospecting ", hahaha, this is gonna be BIG mate, creating wealth for PROSPECTORS,

??. Fit black UV lights to my wheel chair for night or after shopping hours shifts, where will it end, most probably in the morning when the nurse wakes me up. :smile:.
kringle_miningRe: "Prospecting" for diamonds the easy way
fantastic story cub!
cubsqueal"Prospecting" for diamonds the easy way

I think I'm going to try this at least once:


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