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pelukRe: Are the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?
A portion of the "Nome Recreational Beach" was not really open to recreational mining.It was used as such but that is because the owner,Nels Swanberg,or his wife Margaret,were no longer keeping it closed.Nels passed away and Margaret may have also, by now.At any rate,it was used freely for years after Nels was no longer on the scene.Nobody really bothered to find out the ownership because nobody objected.

Had they checked into the situation,they would have found it was for sale.The Native Corporation bought it and after a while closed it to mining.This was not without deliberation.Trash was accumulating,dredgers had made it a parking area and there was a certain liability issue to be considered.
For me,the most objectionable issue is the disposal of sewerage from camping.Therefor,having talked to them,I can see their point too.

Since I own a claim next to theirs,I've run into that issue myself.The claims on the other side of me going east are for sale however.You just have to decide how much of a beach miner you want to be.It would be a gamble.
AK_Au_diverRe: Are the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?

That is not totally true anymore Joe. Things have changed since you were last here. East Beach, after over 100 years of traditionally being open, was closed by the corporation that "owns" it.

That corporation owns parts of the beach far West of town too, and was already closed to mining when you were up here.

If you look at the BLM mapper http://sdms.ak.blm.gov/isdms/imf.jsp?site=sdms you will see mineral surveys that might go all the way to the water, or at least part of he way there. The tundra has eroded some since the lines were drawn and they don't automatically move with it.

MS01319, MS01842, MS01317, MS01336, MS01318, and some others that I can't read. The old company, NovaGold, honored the old traditional use, but would quickly be on miners that used more than a shovel to move sand. The new company will hopefully continue this, but they may not.

Also, around the GPAA camp, some (expletive removed) guys claimed up parts of the beach, under the two-stakes-on-land loophole. GPAA then had to start marking the boundaries of those claims so that their guests wouldn't accidentally claim-jump on those parts of the beach. (Those worthless claims are for sale for the newly lowered price of $190k, I wouldn't pay $5k for them.)

Nikolai is the man to talk to (907) 443-5273, he works for the new gold company which owns most of West beach.
JOE_S_INDYRe: Are the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?
West Beach (from the water to the high water mark - the edge of the tundra) has been a public panning area for years.

Mapper still shows that to be the case West from Nome to Lat / Long 64.5373 -165.7678 (Roughly 9 air miles West of the town.)

You might check with the Nome Chamber of Commerce - they should know if that has changed in some way.

AK_Au_diverRe: Are the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?

I'm curious if you were able to contact Nikolai, and what he said in response to your questions?
AK_Au_diverRe: Are the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?

Call Nikoli, he might know. He was/is the property manager for the old and new company that owns West Beach.

(907) 443-5273
(907) 443-5272

He has a strong Russian accent, so he can be hard to understand sometimes, but he is very helpful.
jimmyjamesfxAre the beachs in nome closed for prospecting?
I want to take a trip to nome this summer to do some beach mining but I was told that they closed the beachs to public prospecting. Can someone please tell me if this is true or not and why.


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