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kavemanRe: 1500
0.32gr is very visible,.........in fact, quite a large flake. This is 2gr in a pan,..............

dredgerRe: 1500
$3.1390 a grain,:smile:.
MuleyRe: 1500
If my memory serves me right the human eye with 20/20vision cansee down to about 40 microns :confused:
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Is 0.32 of a grain in the visable range? I know a grain is not very big to start with.

24 gr. = 1 dwt.
20 dwt. = 1 oz.
480 gr. = 1 oz.
kavemanRe: 1500
0.32,..... of a grain? That's not but a fair sized flake.
AuTSaurusRe: 1500

.0207333...., of a gram(?)

MuleyRe: 1500

"but the dollar is worth 0.006666 ounces of gold(1/1500oz). At least today"


P.S. What is the weight of $1.00 worth of gold at $1500 / oz.?
kavemanRe: 1500
Yes, gold at $1500 per ounce, but the dollar is worth 0.006666 ounces of gold(1/1500oz). At least today,........in theory. The fact that we've devalued our currency by 100x over the last 100yrs is something to think about. How do we do that? We create money out of thin air, backed by nothing but,................well, backed by nothing at all. Guess that's why it's worth little more than the paper it's printed on. We're counterfeiting our own money.
pascalfortierRe: 1500
Ahah Jim I get it now :smile:

Anyways, good and bad news at 1500.00

Still incredibly High!
Jim_AlaskaRe: 1500
pascalfortier, this is a refernce to gold going over $1,500 per ounce.
pascalfortierRe: 1500
.....ok :confused:

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