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bedrockerRe: Geology help
while we are talking about the salmon.....I am looking for a miner there....who was running a one man op..feeding a trommel with an old dragline I think...I bought some steel cable from him about 5 yrs ago....when i was pulling big jade boulders....he told me he had lots of steel cable..I can not remember his name...he had posted an index card on a bulletin board in Happy Camp one yr...if you think you know him...send me his name and phone if you have it...I am looking for some more cable.........thanks Lip
LipCaRe: Geology help
yes, he is the one. He actually lives adjacent to a home we have at the Forks of Salmon.
I was surprised at the variety of colors he was finding.
I only find small pieces while panning. I'm sure there are larger if I look....just looking for the GOLD:smile:
bedrockerRe: Geology help
I know of one guy Rex,,,who mines and sells jade from the Salmon......but not sure what area of the river he is..only met him once....but jade surely comes out of the Salmon..do you save any of it...I would like to get a sample....I have only been to the point where the salmon comes into the Klamath....but no luck finding anything of note...I have great fun snorkling the creeks and rivers...searching for jade...love it
LipCaRe: Geology help
Every once in a while I find small pieces of "jade" on my claim at Methodist creek, south fork salmon river.
I think someone collects it near indian creek, upstream of me? I see it for sale on the internet.
bedrockerRe: Geology help
Yes..that is me.......at least the story was not on the police blotter page...lol
LipCaRe: Geology help
hey bedrocker...is this you?

bedrockerRe: Geology help
Hi Guys...perhaps I used a wrong term, hydraulicking...maybe it was what you would call ground sluicing...the ditch is about 3 miles to the water source...the pictures I took are where they ended...where they began further downhill is over 1/4 of a mile away...and it appears they chased to gold up to the point where I took pictures.....it was a gold mine 100%...I have very reliable info on that..it is in northern cali...on a ridge top...in only a few places is there any rock, and it is all angular...no river or water washed rock...there is quartz float around...as far as jade goes...Geo..I am trying to find the lode deposit which is responsible for what I find in the creeks below this ridge...maybe a mile walking distance...downhill all the way....from the ridge...and yes...I do break all the outcrops I come to, to see what is in the rock...I am convinced there will be a blow out of the nephrite, vesuvianite, or grossular garnet up high on this ridge...the right rocks are around...I am having fun
LipCaRe: Geology help
Where do the tropics fit in? I think he's in northern California?
I've run across many similar "mines" where they were ground slucing, mostly in decomposed granite. No gravels but there are nuggets there(found some detecting).
I would venture to say that since bedrocker collects jade for a living, he doesn't have to break up the rocks to see what they are. Who would do that anyway? Wouldn't that destroy the jade for future use?
Geo_JimRe: Geology help
I have to agree with kaveman. You must have water pressure for hydraulicking. That ditch leading to the pit would not have any pressure. More likely they were ground sluicing if they were gold mining. I dont think they were even gold mining unless you were in the tropics, but it does not look like tropics.

Placer mining usually has gravel including cobbles, but I dont see any gravel in the pit. The soil/rock is very red like the tropics, but the vegetation looks like the western US. Are you sure it was a gold mine? If it was a gold mine, it must have been a hillside placer or seam diggings of a residual/colluvial placer. It is a different gold mine.

As far as the jade goes, you need to break the rocks. We can not look at a weathered surface of a rock and say what kind of rock it is with any certainty. Break those rocks, then photo them.
Geo Jim

bedrockerRe: Geology help
Hi..I followed the ditch downhill..to the mine area..not uphill....and yes I am sure it is hydrauliced...I had heard it was in the area somewhere...so I was kind of looking for it.....what is weird about it.....is from the surface they went down maybe 30 ft in the deepest places..but no signs of bedrock...or for the matter almost no rock at all.....I am told they were getting fine gold and up to about pea sized nuggets.....with most of the bigger stuff being rice sized....it has a few main channels...and then all kinds of like fingers that shoot off on both sides of the main channels...like they were searching for the area where the gold originated..this does not show up on any maps..this is a word of mouth location site....I have heard about it from 3 different old timers....but can find no written references

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