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faausRe: A Cheap Motor Mount For Your Highbanker
Thank you both for TWO great tips.
JOE_S_INDYRe: A Cheap Motor Mount For Your Highbanker
Good idea, Marshall!

Here is another one for the "Garden Hose Port" on that Keene pump.

At a hardware store buy a plastic (or DELUX metal) garden hose "Y" with two ball valves built into the two discharges. Very inexpensive.

Then find an old garden hose and cut a 6 foot chunk out of it (best to include the factory female assembly end).

In Walmart (or other stores with a "Boat Supplies" section) find a cheap, plastic, hand operated bilge pump / air pump. Usually red and about $10. Find the kind that is a simple tube with two ports (an innie and an outie) for either water or air. Slip the cut off end of your hose over the "Innie" port and screw the female garden hose end to one of the "Y" ports. Replace the female end of the cut garden hose (with a spray nozzle on the male end) and screw the end with the replacement female end to the other "Y" port. Close both ball valves for now.

To prime that pump all you need to do is open just the ball valve to the short hose segment (going to the hand pump), step on the lay flat hose for a moment (to seal it off) and pump the air out of the Keene pump. The outgoing air is replaced by water from the Keene pump's intake hose. When you start discharging water from the hand pump close off the ball valve going to it.

The pump is primed and ready to go! :smile:

For sluice cleanup, shut off the water valve to the highbanker, keep the engine running at idle and open the ball valve to the garden hose with the spray nozzle on it. Use that hose to wash down the highbanker and provide spray water for classifying and panning.

I have the exact pump that you have and it works VERY well for me. :smile:

tenderfootminerRe: A Cheap Motor Mount For Your Highbanker
Marshal good fix! I am such a slow learner I blew up two pumps from them "tippingover"before i mounted them to a base:smile: happy Easter ...ws
MarshallAkA Cheap Motor Mount For Your Highbanker
I needed a way to mount my little Honda 2.5hp pump for a homemade highbanker. Just setting the motor on the riverbank wouldn't do...it would vibrate itself down into the water every time, or tip over.
Hmmm...there was this used little 12" tire in my backyard...

First, I cut some 1" holes in the sidewall on the "bottem". (so water would drain out quickly, and not down the side of my pants while lugging it back to my truck at the end of the day)

Then...I mounted a 12" X 12" aluminum plate on the "top" of the tire, and installed the pump with some bolts.

Only cost a few dollars for the hardware, and the pump no longer walks down the riverbank. Total weight, including tire: 30.6 lbs.


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