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DiamondhunterRe: Nome Dredge
Thats what I have seen. I'm sure there are reasonable, locally advertised places but we haven't found them yet.
LipCaRe: Nome Dredge
ok...so there are places available but are too costly?
DiamondhunterRe: Nome Dredge
Yes we tried most of them. Thanks for taking the time to post the link. I believe these folks know that every person with a gleam in their eye will be up in Nome this season so prices have almost tripled. I can't blame them though with things being the way they are.
LipCaRe: Nome Dredge
hard to believe there is nothing at all available in Nome...did you try all these sources?

DiamondhunterRe: Nome Dredge
Yes we've played with the prototypes for awhile now. They work beautifully on diamonds and gold in the river systems but obviously the ocean is a different scenario. In my opinion I would never have a recovery system before the sluice. The sluice is such a cheap and efficient cleaner it is so easy for us just to sump at the discharge into a recovery system. We were really looking forward to Nome. We cannot even find a yard to camp in, and we are paying customers! :smile: We also wanted to study the veteran set-ups to see if simple cheap improvements can be made. Like you said, we have watched so many operators with gizmos that in theory work great just fail in the 3rd world and production simply fails until the part can be stripped off.
AK_Au_diverRe: Nome Dredge

Yes, I think you have a smart approach when it comes to your jigs. Using them as a "last chance" recovery method instead of your primary makes it so you wouldn't become too attached to them working right, and could just turn them off if they became a problem.

Too often I've seen people try experimental things on their primary, which lead to lots of downtime. They ended up getting 0% of the gold while broke down, instead of getting 90% of the gold from a running system and not worrying about losing the 5% to 10% of the gold that their special system was supposed to catch.

I think it was you guys that idea for a screened sump pump at the end of the sluice box that went to another sluice. We tried a similar setup and did get better fine gold recovery, but decided it wasn't worth the extra complexity and fuel.

Good Luck
DiamondhunterRe: Nome Dredge
Yes I agree with you on the sales aspect. This dredge will most likely end up in Africa. We are VERY upset that we are not coming up. I also agree with you on jig use. We had various prototype mounts that we were going to try along with a pressurized lid system. It would have all been experimentation. If worse came to worse we would just use it to clean cons on land.
AK_Au_diverRe: Nome Dredge

Good luck with that. There is really no where to use such a dredge in Nome this year, unless the buyer is already established. Then they probably already have a dredge.

That's too bad that you won't be coming up, I was curious how those jigs would work. Everyone that has tried jigs on their ocean dredge before has either failed miserably for other reasons or took them off for various reasons.
DiamondhunterNome Dredge
Hello Everyone

We are in the process of building 15' x 30' Nome dredge platform with a 10" suction system and 1/4" thick aluminum sluice. It is powered by a Perkins diesel with a stainless steel pump rated at 2600 GPM. The unit will have an overhead gantry for hose/jet/sluice lift and also a 6x7 cabin with the steering console inside. All steel components will be galvanized and sitting on custom 40" diameter polymer pontoons. A 24" x 24" duplex jig is included for sump pumping your 80 mesh and smaller cons into. A outboard motor is included along with (4) winches and Danforth style anchors. We were originally going to use this dredge ourselves and sell it either mid-end season. We are having issues finding suitable accommodations for our team which will most likely close this project for us. The whole unit will be packed in a 40' container and has been designed to be put together easily. If you are interested let us know because we can change or modify the unit to your preferred specifications. If the unit does not go to Alaska it is obviously available for gold and diamonds in African and the Amazon regions which would suit it very well. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, The Precision Team.


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