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Lanny_in_ABRe: Pickers

Nice to see you--that's great looking gold he found.

All the best,

MarshallAkRe: Pickers
Hi Jim

Without. But, that's my mining partner, not me. So far I haven't even been out dredging this season. I did go out and take a look...found up to 3' deep snow in shaded areas on the hike in, and ice and snow on both banks of the creek, but the stream itself was free running. After 7 months of winter, I just don't care to fight more snow and ice, so have decided to wait until the end of the month when conditions improve.
Geo_JimRe: Pickers
So Marshall are you out diving under the ice or without the ice?
Geo Jim
dredgerRe: Pickers
Basically I am agreeing with Marshall,and trying to add.

Re: Pickers2x plus what ya can get over, 2 and 1/4 x is usual starting point, ( for a deal ),

Very very few natural nuggets seen in "loan shops ". markets, boot sales, Sydney / Auss,:confused: not including e-bay or auctions.

( for your and the new guys interest, I tried to show and add on ) " $15 a gram - 9ct scrap,ect,ect." is payed, which is a fair price for scrap at a jewelers in Auss if your selling to jewerlers, 10ct 12ct 18ct 22ct are all relative to the first price, ,

Fine alluvial sells for around spot price, but South of here there is an automatic drop of %18 under spot, seems strange to me, but that is the way the cookie crumbles dununder, roughly.

hope that helps.

dredger. :smile:.
dredgerRe: Pickers
Sorry mate,back soon, dredger.:smile:.
pelukRe: Pickers
Need a translator here...
Dredger,if I'm reading correctly,$15 per gram would bring a $480 price per ounce.#8's up to #4 size nuggets use to be what jewelers sought and paid premium for.I know an individual who wants to sell a pound and can't get above spot.I didn't see them but as I recall,he said they were small nuggets.
I'm wondering if a trend has developed where buyers will pay the assumed value of gold but will not pay for the unstable add on price of gold "for show".
dredgerRe: Pickers
2x plus what ya can get over, 2 and 1/4 x is usual starting point, very very few natural nuggets seen in "loan shops ". markets, boot sales, :confused: not including e-bay or auctions. $15 a gram - 9Ct scrap,ect,ect.
MarshallAkRe: Pickers
Hi Peluk

Well...I don't know about prices on nuggets these days, haven't sold any in years. I have heard people say lately that the premium on nuggets has not moved up as much as "regular" fine gold has. Used to be a nugget over, say, 1/2oz or so in size and with good character would command about 1.5X to 2X spot. Maybe still does, but I don't know.
I am just hoping my partner left me a few of those pickers out there for me to find!

pelukRe: Pickers
Beautiful samples Marshall!I have a question.Are you able to get a premium price on nuggets anymore with gold as high as it is?I have run into comments that this is the case.
eightymeshRe: Pickers
nice pickers ....
hey marshal, show those to my bro in law to get a fire built under him ok

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