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Darkstar_MiningRe: 10" in 13 days
ALL i CAN SAY IS MY EX WIFE FU**ED MY WHOLE PLAN TO BE ON THE ARGO THIS YEAR... NOW YOU STEVE HAVE CHASED THE BEST POST IN THIS WHOLE FORUM OFF..YOU SIR SUCK...KEVIN...IM TRYING AGAIN FOR NEXT FALL..GONNA BE THERE IN 2014 SPRING..KEVIN IF YOU BY CHANCE SEE THIS.. I AM Live Laugh Love on facebook...hit me up...gonna start all over and build exactly what I want this time...shes a bitch...women
Jim_AlaskaRe: 10" in 13 days
Used inner tubes are cheap, light, and can be deflated and packed around easily.
AK_Au_diverRe: 10" in 13 days

Propane bottles? To float a hose? That would be a dangerous and difficult mess.

For 10" dredges, and some 8" ones, people use buoys, the large ones orange ones that have the blue tie point on one end. They tie two or three of those along the hose, cut out a large hole near the blue part. The diver uses their air to add buoyancy as needed, or squeeze the float to let out air as needed.
dicklaxtRe: 10" in 13 days
Darn I wanted to see her at work..

thegoldgopherRe: 10" in 13 days
Empty propane bottles make a down and dirty flotation device. Mostly cheap or free, and give around 30# bouyancy. If you barge your stuff up there, you can pick them up stateside for free, or $2 at yard sales.

growlerRe: 10" in 13 days
Kevin, That looks Sweet!!!. I believe with your quad jet, you will be processing/recovering 2-4 times than normal. You should be able to use your throtle differently (rpm per depth). I have not seen in your pics or posts mention of trailer tire inner tubes to minimize fight with suction hose ( fullhose pull- empty hose slack ) altho dont look like you will be pumping water only much! Great boat, jim
jcazgoldchaserRe: 10" in 13 days
Well, that sucks. But couldn't say didn't see it coming. You can't change them, all you can do is ignore them. :mad:

Hope you'll enlighten the rest of us. Pretty pictures without a low coherence interferometry graph were doing just fine. :smile:

Stay warm, stay safe, and best of luck in your endeavors!

kevyluvuRe: 10" in 13 days

To Steve the "know it all troll". The boat was built by a professional company years ago and has already seen multiple years of use in ocean conditions with much more weight than we are running. You know nothing about the process they used to weld the boat. You know nothing about building and operating a successful dredge. If you came to Nome you would fail miserably. I will not document S@%t for you and I will not be giving this forum updates on operations any longer. I joined this forum to help people. People like you leave a bitter taste in my mouth,and I have no desire to give my knowledge to help someone like you.
jcazgoldchaserRe: 10" in 13 days
Man that looks fantastic.

What sorts of safety equipment do they require up there?
thegoldgopherRe: 10" in 13 days
Time will write the final chapter, won't it?

Looks great. Going to love to hear the updates on operations.

I fail to see any criticisms on my part. I know there are going to be weld failures in the cold welded cold lapped welds of this MIG rig when it hits cold water. I am stupid in many ways, but I do know just a little about welding. Even owned the types of welders Kevin used on this one, and know their weak spots. So, I suggested that documentation of the failures, and the LEARNING from those would be a good thing. I do also predict that if this season turns out to be a pretty good one, that Kevin will invest in pulsed MIG for the next one, or to service this one.

So, with not even sea trials to base anything on, I guess it's just straight into the fray to find weak spots. Just hope it's not anything major.

Time will tell, won't it?

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