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Walt_AnchorageRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
You can kill them but you can't torture them.

In Nam we didn't torture prisoners for information. The South Vietnamese interpreter would take ‘em up in a helicopter and if they didn't want to talk their ride was over...
OldAuHeadRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
Glad we got him. But, "I,I,I, and I,I , and I did, and I gave and I got" , is a little presumptuous of Obama.
His bunch said in the past. Before they were elected and then again After they were elected."It is illegal and not like the USA to torture & water board."
But, you can kick a door down and blow his damned brains out, and that's okay."
The order was,Kill Bin Laden, because he might have a vest bomb.
He was in his pajams, old, slow and decrepid.
Then again, glad the SEALS got him, even though the military didn't get the entire G L O R Y for the kill.Their spot light got dimmed by the Obama administration.
Next time we capture some terrorist, just blow their brains out.

Sumpin wrong with that picture? Flippity flop.
Brian_BerkhahnRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
I'm still curious as to why they would give that scum a burial at sea. Why wouldn't they just bring his body back to the U.S.?? Did he stink that bad or is it just another govermental lie to try to boost Osama whoops.. I mean Obama's (same difference) ratings.
So where is the actual proof.. no body and no pictures. Are we just to take the word of the goberment? I would love to believe it but it wouldn't be the first time Obama has lied to everyone.
Rattlesnake_JimRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
I believe Alex Jones at www.infowars.com/ before I believe one word that comes out of Washington. It's all smoke and mirrors folks.
Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
Jim_AlaskaRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
Thanks guys, since I posted that reply I have been reading up on it. Sure looks like the real thing.

cubsquealRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead

America's enemies:


Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
From Veterans Today:
Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead
Government Says Osama Buried at Sea

Media Runs Fake Photo To Illustrate Bin Laden Death Propaganda
dredgerRe: Osama Bin Laden is dead

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