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Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: Chinese, Free Trade Zone, Southern Oregon
Free Trade Zones - Inland Ports
Trojan Triangles

MuleyRe: Chinese, Free Trade Zone, Southern Oregon
MEG and everyone else,
It's NOT just Oregan


So you think that you worked hard all your life and paid off the house and now you think you own it?Wrong we the people don't own anything......except for the gold and silver that is not easy for them to find.
Mineral_Estate_GranteeSouthern Oregon, Free Trade Zone, China
Remember back a bit when Hillary went to China, and people were talking about her making deals for the Mineral and Timber lands as collateral for all the worth nothing dollars China was going to be stuck with? Well, here they come. A very concerned, shall I say Insider, has given the heads-up of some very disturbing information for Southern Oregon.

Council Memorandum No. 047

To: Budget Committee Members, Mayor Murphy and Member of the Grants Pass City Council
From: Laura Samson, City Manager
Date: April 25, 2011
Subject: Monthly Manager’s Report for March 2011

On page 31 of 54, PARKS & COMMUNITY SERVICES REPORT; TOURISM: Assisted with the plans for the Chinese Delegation arriving June 3 with 80 – 100 visitors

Now some may say they’re just tourist, but that is not what is being told by others in the know. It is said they are here to hands on the Mineral and Timber inventory being offered up as collateral for all the borrowed worth nothing dollars loaned back to the U.S. ( Note: Southern Oregon is said to have the largest mineral wealthy ground on the West coast.) Any wonder the agencies i.e. Forest Service, BLM, DEQ, EPA.etc are on some power trip and making it nearly impossible for the miner to work his/her mining claims?

Do a search on what’s going on in Idaho and Australia with the Chinese. They are buying a controlling interest in some of the most valuable and strategic mineral reserves on the planet.

Also try typing into a search engine: Chinese, Free Trade Zone, Southern Oregon

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:: :: Southern Oregon, Free Trade Zone, China :: Add Reply

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