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LipCaRe: Information Wanted
the only thing I found was this one thread....

http://bb.bbboy.net/alaskagoldforum-viewthread?forum=2&thread=479&postnum=1&highlight= Icon Concentrator
RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: Information Wanted
Jim, I went down to a demonstration about this time last year. I think at that time it was 6K+ and I thought it was a deal at that price. It did everything they said it would and would have fit nicely on my big dredge. It did a great job of concentrating a 5 gal bucket quickly down to about 1 pint of cons. I question using 7 of them to deal with the tonnage. I don't see how they would be cost efficient. They require a very slow steady flow and must be shutdown frequently to clean it out. Sounds like tending them could be a full time job for 1 1/2 men. Do a search we had a nice discussion about it last year.
Jim_AlaskaRe: Information Wanted
Yes, it will be crushed and run through a Barmak also. I heard the price but forgot. The large one is very expensive, the smaller one comensuratly cheaper. I'll find out today what the cost is.

If I am not mistaken he is planning seven smaller ones int he beginning to keep up with the tonnage he wants to do.
Coeur_D_AleneRe: Information Wanted
Hello Jim: I suppose the hardrock ore will be crushed before the icon is used to concentrate the gold?? Never seen one used in this area but we're mostly silver mines here. Can ya let us in on the cost of this little beasty??

Thanks "V"
Jim_AlaskaInformation Wanted
Does anyone have any experience with an Icon Concentrator? The hardrock mine I worked at last year is going to get one. I have never seen one work, but the owner of the mine went for a demonstration and was impressed. Of course it doesn't take much to impress him since he knows nothign about fine gold recovery.

I would like any inf. from those hwo have actually used one, either good or negative info is welcome. I may have to be running this equipment and know nothign about it.

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