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RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
I got mine in 2001-2. It is the only one I have since. A year ago someone in Or. was selling a bunch of hoppers from High Graders but didn't have any other parts. They were sure well made and work as well as they look.
baubRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
I've heard of these DD's, but never seen one. Nice compact design.

MuleyRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
O.K. here they are. Dixie Doodlebug #2 (Different machine than the one in the above pictures, but identical machine's) the opposite side of the machine Enjoy.

This is another winter project. Filling the W.F. E Co(Treasure) box

Rusty if know of any High Grader II's for sale let me know, I looked at them in thier shop in Jamestown when they came out and wanted one ever since, then when I had the money I couldn,t find them. I thought that they only made a few of them, but maybe they a few more after I looked at them. I even still have a brochure from them. They sold for $1095.00 brand new.
MuleyRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
CDL, I took some fresh ones of Trommel #2 and as soon as I can find the cord or adapter to hook the camera up to the computer I will upload them. Your in for a treat.

Coeur_D_AleneRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
How bout a couple pictures of the other side LOL nice trommel!
RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
"What percentage of 300 mesh flaky gold will they deliver as concentrate"? Wow that is a serious question. What do you use to even see 300 mesh flakes at the work site. I own a Highgrader II trommel system that is a close relative to the one pictured. It was produced up till about 2002. I am very happy with it's recovery compared to a standard highbanker. I can shovel 2"- in at a steady flow and get very high grade cons out the front end. Your process angle is totally adjustable. The greater the angle the cleaner the cons and the more loss of finer gold. I normally do bank run at a flat angle which will give me very dirty cons but very low loss then rerun the cons at a sharper angle and more controlled flow to get super cons. It was never designed to give you anything close to clean sell-able gold without serious losses. Used as above it has very low loss of visible gold but I have never tested for what I can't see.
baubRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
Nice job Muley.

Traveller11Re: Harris Gold Concentrator
Hey Muley
That's the one all right. The Weekender is almost a carbon copy of what I see in your pics; right down to the bicycle tires.
It seems like an ingenious idea; classify to 1/4" one direction with the trommel and concentrate in the other direction with the spiral riffles. All inside one drum, too.
The question is, how good are they at recovering fine gold? What percentage of 300 mesh flaky gold will they deliver as concentrate?
That sure is a nice restoration job you did on that machine. Almost be a shame to take it out to the creeks and scratch it up LOL. Maybe when gold hits $1600 an ounce?
MuleyRe: Harris Gold Concentrator

This was before restoration
MuleyRe: Harris Gold Concentrator
the Harris Concentrator(s) are the newer verions of the old and time tested "Dixie Doodlebugs".I own 2 of the Doodlebugs that I have restored but never run at least not yet but plan to.

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