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cmoelcmoecomRe: bedrock fault across creek
i understand the shotgun shell thing, but what about air
and putty? wow, new to me

your correct,stream has moved, but still lots of water
and big rock.test pit's probably the only way
kurt_BlumbergRe: bedrock fault across creek
I'm going to assume that the stream has moved across the valley floor. What chance is there that you can set up a drill downstream of the fault line where the old stream bed probably used to be and pull up some samples?
cmoelcmoecomRe: bedrock fault across creek
not really a hole (i think).just a downstream drop.
i suspect it could have been a falls at one time,
but who knows. no way of knowing how deep without digging.
since the canyon closes just downstream, there may be compression eddies dropping rock @ floodstage? is this possible?
ArcticDaveRe: bedrock fault across creek
any clues on depth to bedrock(in the hole)? If the bedrock above yielded good values, then chances are good the area in ? could be good as well.
baubRe: bedrock fault across creek
You'de have to come up with a cost figure for your time and dollars to move the boulders. Some boulders can be cracked and more with these new silent techniques. Some use compressed air, others expanding putty, still others use shotgun shells to fracture the rox. Makes them safer to move. Drill some holes and frack away.

cmoelcmoecomRe: bedrock fault across creek
samples? ya,the exposed bedrock above yielded good values.

baubRe: bedrock fault across creek
Take any samples yet?

cmoelcmoecombedrock fault across creek
hello all,
got an upthrust fault that extends across entire valley,
not a 'boil hole', but bare, undulating upstream bedrock.
below is poorly sorted bouldery gravel deposit filled nearly to the same level as upstream bedrock shelf.(very
little evidence of turbulence). just before canyon narrows again. is this worth the work to deal with 500# + boulders?
thanks for your input

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