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cmoelcmoecomRe: Easy To Make Underwater Viewer
you guys are too smart for yer own good.
MarshallAkRe: Easy To Make Underwater Viewer
Quote: Prospect09er at 01:58:04 Mon May 23 2011

I like it! What glue did you use for it?
That would work great for sniping.
Thanks for posting it!

We used a marine sealant product called "5200". Cures even underwater. Good stuff.


Any cement that works with plastic ought to do the job though.
Prospect09erRe: Easy To Make Underwater Viewer
I like it! What glue did you use for it?
That would work great for sniping.
Thanks for posting it!
MarshallAkEasy To Make Underwater Viewer
Yeah, there are underwater viewers on the market. But there is one HUGE problem with virtually all of them: you have to hold them with your hands. It is no good to have your hands tied up holding a viewer, if you are trying to dredge in shallow water. Typically, I will wear chest waders and long gloves to dredge shallow water, and leave the dry suit at home.

I don't like dredging by "braille", I want to see what the nozzle is doing. So...I made an underwater viewer...

Get a 4" ABS black plastic pipe and cut out a piece about 12" long. Then make a round piece of plexiglass to glue to the front of it. However you do it, make sure it is waterproof and secure there. (Wire-tie it, wire it, use screws, whatever...just make sure it won't fall apart out in the boonies)
Then go to Ebay, a yard sale, or where-ever and find an old classic oval dive mask. Remove the glass from it and throw that part away. Then take the mask and duct-tape it over the other end of the 12" pipe. Waa-La!
(Yeah...it makes you look funny wearing one, but do you want to get gold, or just look good?)

My mining partner Steve Dudley using the viewer:

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