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Quote: kurt_Blumberg at 22:31:50 Sun May 29 2011

I'd love to throw in my 2 cents but I'm in Colorado. Do you think my opinion would help any?
Same thing is happenning here Kurt. GPAA claims on the Arkansas- NO Dredging, lost another mile down river last year, can't even camp there this year let alone dip a pan. Leonard has a claim and permit for this year, next year who knows about the permit. GPOC has a claim down by Point Bar and for right now that is the only dredgable stretch on the Ark. HH Mark
bluebeardRe: STOP THE DREDGING BAN in CA with WMA
You can contact the chambers of some of the towns that the mining occurs in and tell them that you no longer are spending your money in California since the dredging stopped. And if the 5 year moratorium passes, then California and their small town that you visit annually will never see your smiling face (nor your money ever again).

Economics is a language spoken everywhere- people just need to understand that there are reasons why their towns are in a slump- very direct reasons- if the environmentalists want to shut down industries in communities, they ought to be bright enough to replace them with other "less polluting" industries- if in fact pollution was the problem- which it isn't (obviously) but don't get me started.

Actually, we need a bunch of faxes sent to Sacramento tonight. We have new links on our website for you to send faxes to- just tell the appropriate people that your dollars are apparently not welcome in the State of California since the State is allowing the Enviros to shut down viable businesses at a whim and as such, you will spend your money elsewhere. Good riddance!
kurt_BlumbergRe: STOP THE DREDGING BAN in CA with WMA
I'd love to throw in my 2 cents but I'm in Colorado. Do you think my opinion would help any?
You and the ‘Western Mining Alliance’ can Stop the dredging ban !

The pending CA Trailer Bill legislation that seeks to create a new 5 year moratorium on dredging is about to be voted on. The best way to Stop it is to get it voted down during floor debate in both the Senate & Assembly. The only way to do that is to show the Legislators 1) it will depress CA’s economy even further, 2) it is unneeded, and 3) a NO vote will create more jobs and businesses, and have a very positive effect on CA’s economy and its tax revenues.

Do you want your voice to be heard loud and clear in Sacramento, along with thousands of other Miners and Businesses? If so, you should visit the Western Mining Alliance’s website www.theWMA.org and find out how to amplify your voice.

You can also sign the WMA Petition and Tell Sacramento you are fed up with unnecessary environmental laws preventing you from dredging and/or making a living. Plus, tell WMA if you are interested in being party to any future lawsuit if this Bill passes.

Everything you need to have an impact on the process is there for you to use. But it will take YOUR voice too….. if we are to Stop the trailer bill.


(WMA is an all volunteer non-profit organization fighting for miner’s rights- there is no advertising on the page, nor are we asking for donations or memberships- we are just trying to organize the fight to get our rights to dredge back)

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