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Jim_AlaskaRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater
Allan, you have been gone way too long, welcome back. You have posted pictures here before, you must have forgot how. You can't just attach them. Go to this link and it will explain how to post them: http://www.marciesalaskaweb.com/webdesign/image_posting.htm
fudnzRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater
Not too sure what happened to the pic - just my old brain I guess and new technology :smile: - it just gave me a message that the board is full and cant accept the upload. My Email is <snuffy@es.co.nz > and i can send a few pics of my set up - its all stainless steel - when the motor is running the exhaust gasses coming out are practically cold - all heat is going to the coil I guess. You might be able to get them up on here for me. - Allan.
fudnzRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater
Gidday AU - traditionally I have always used 3/8th tubing in my exchangers - I am of the opinion the larger pipe has greater surface area therefore catching the max of the hot air that it can. Make sure when you are wrapping the pipe around your jenny that it is tightly packed as you can with light dry sand - this will stop the pipe flattening. Takes a bit to 'bounce' the sand out when finsished but just takes a bit of time is all. I also use a double run of copper in my coils makes for greater heat retention. I have moved away from the traditional up in the air exchanger and now tuck it under the muffler and have the muffler attached on top of the exchanger - keeps things quiet.:smile:. I will try to hang a couple of pictures - last time i tried i failed miserably with my 67 year old brain struggling... Cheers for now - Allan. (fudnz)
AK_Au_diverRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater

I don't remember the length, maybe 50 or 60 feet, whatever the store had. Not the short 25'. I also prefer flare fittings vs compression for small sizes, but it requires a flare tool to get a good flare.

I think I've joined longer lengths, but I don't remember.
Prospect09erRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater
I like the idea of blowing out the line at the end of the day. Thanks for the info!

“I've used 1/4" tubing, and it works fine, but not long runs of it.”
What length of 1/4" do you prefer to use?
AK_Au_diverRe: Heat exchanger/Water heater

1/4" should work fine. Potential problems include junk build-up or growth over-night in the tubing restricting it, and perhaps even the clean tubing being too restrictive of the flow making steam-ups more likely.

I've used 1/4" tubing, and it works fine, but not long runs of it. Several others also use 1/4". I try to go with bigger sizes, but 1/4" is good. There are different types of tubing, all the same size but some bend easier.

A screen between the water pump and hot water tubing helps catch sediment and prevent blockages on narrower tubing.

I like to blow out my water line (and the tubing) at the end of each day, with the left-over reserve air (I have a 4 gallon tank, works good at 50psi). So I have a take-off point on my air tank to plug my water into and clear it out. This also helps to get things going again after a steam-up (vapor-lock).
Prospect09erHeat exchanger/Water heater
Any advantages/disadvantages to using 1/4” copper vs. 5/16”?
I was going to use 5/16”, but I’m running into a problem wrapping it around the piece of pipe I have. It’s getting pinched and flatted out pretty bad. Seems 5/16” doesn’t wrap very good on anything smaller than 3”. The sample piece of 1/4” I bought seems to wrap around the pipe quite nicely, so…
Trying to utilize the materials I already purchased (other than the 50‘-5/16”) and to keep the exchanger somewhat compact in size. The heater is going on a Honda 11HP, water from a Keene PHP500.

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:: :: Heat exchanger/Water heater :: Add Reply

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