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Mineral_Estate_GranteeThe Agenda
Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: A Tree Party Rebellion
Big Park

ElectrumauRe: A Tree Party Rebellion
Unites States Fascist Service.....
pelukRe: A Tree Party Rebellion
This is why I joined the Tea Party.It preceded a rebellion in the past.Had the Crown listened,there may not have been a rebellion.I see one coming again.If Washington doesn't listen this time,the rebellion,already started in the voting booths,will sweep Washington clean of these imperious bastards and their plan.
Thanks again MEG.
Mineral_Estate_GranteeA Tree Party Rebellion
Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: 100 Citizens walk out on the USFS meeting to close roads last
Idaho vs USFS
cash2uRe: 100 Citizens walk out on the USFS meeting to close roads last
Years ago the forest service asked the cabin owners association on the local mountain if they could use there water on the mountain during fires to protect the cabins and in exchange they would maintain the road. Most of the cabins predated the the existence of the forest service.
There was some fine print in the agreement almost no one read.
Under a heading of safety they had the right to require the cabin owners to paint the cabin roofs any color they wished.
One of the oldest cabins was owned by and very old man who lived on the mountain most of the year.
First they required all roof's that were galvanized to be painted any other color.

Took the old man all summer even with help.
The following year The forest service then said to paint all roof's the same color.

In-spite of ill health with help he got it done but took to long and big brother forest service harassed him almost daily till it was done.

Next the F. service said the color had to bee green due to a safety problem finding downed plains. Several of the owners hired a lawyer and started a suit.

the F. Service posted notices that any cabin not in compliance would be confiscated.

I remember we were painting our roof when the compliance officers came to do what ever they were going to do.

The old man had gone down the mountain to get supplies.

When he returned they had dug a big hole with a D-8 pushed his entire cabin into it and made it look as if it had never been there.

You almost cannot win a fight with someone who is using your own money and none of there own to fight you.

Mineral_Estate_GranteeRe: 100 Citizens walk out on the USFS meeting to close roads last
This Land is Our Land

Mineral_Estate_Grantee100 Citizens walk out on the USFS meeting to close roads last
From: Loma Wharton [hairpiggie@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:51 AM
Subject: 100 Citizens walk out on the USFS meeting to close roads last night in Douglas County Oregon

In Douglas County, Oregon last night over 90 people, again, met with the USFS and their facilitator, Jim Caplan to come to a agreement on the road closures in Douglas County designated for closure. Our Sheriff John Hanlin joined us.

Not one question was answered about jurisdiction of the USFS last night or any of the other 2 nights of meetings.

The first thing that happened was some of us started moving the chairs in straight lines from the circles (2)they had them in. From that point on the facilitators tried to maintain control, but really could not.

Read the Beacon News for the full report today, and if you don't have an subscription call 541-672-2222 it is only $26.00 a year, it is the paper that prints the truth, because you can handle the truth.

And, by the way, the two Douglas County commissioners that have been conspiring with the USFS so far to take roads, Susan Morgan and Joe Laurance walked out of the meeting before the fun started. Our sheriff Hanlin stayed for the entire event.

When we realized their intent was to keep going as long as it took, we made it clear that what they are doing is intentional fraud and we started a walk out and ended their meeting. THERE WAS NO CONSENSUS TO CLOSE ROADS

We videoed the event and will get it on DVD and try to get it up on the Internet ASAP.
Now we have forced them to go to plan B, which the USFS already has in progress. STAY TUNED


The fundamental goal of environmentalism is not clean air and clean water; rather, it is the demolition of technological/industrial civilization, and your Right to own Private Property!

www.constpoa.org - Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
www.theliberators11.org - "If you don't know your Rights, and how to PROTECT THOSE RIGHTS, You DON'T HAVE ANY!"

Get Educated, Be FREE!
Loma Wharton, Co-Chair

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