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auldriderRe: Rumor has it
So their rules are creating the very behaviour that they claim they are trying to prevent .... typical of PC Greenie's and socialist bureaucrats, no common sense!
Coeur_D_AleneRe: Rumor has it
I'm up for it they got good food at the lodge right?
DanAKRe: Rumor has it
Anyone want to team up and raid Kantishna ?
dickbRe: Rumor has it

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! :smile:

Coeur_D_AleneRe: Rumor has it
This was a one shot deal for these fella's they knew it was there but the bonding, permit's etc was too steep. They opted for a go for broke or make it big. Luckily it came out on the plus side for them. But it put the local gold nazi's onto this...so it would probably be worse for the next operation to try and pull this off.

Gotta give them credit for outthinking the gamechangers.

dickbRe: Rumor has it
Prohibition didn't work out so well either! :smile:

At least now they have some money to buy the permits.

keninlaRe: Rumor has it
Sometimes it is easier to ask Forgivness than it is to get Permission.
baubRe: Rumor has it
Coeur_D_AleneRumor has it
Heard a good rumor the other day...some fella's claimed some ground with substantial gold on it, the regs restricted certain water usage issue's. The fella's went in with a dozer and ripped the river bottom run it through a ross box during high dirty water spring runoff. The BLM and Forest circus heard by word of MOUTH of the illegalities, not their own investigational efforts. Then the water cops showed up and shut it down. (*they'd run all the good stuff in the time they worked) So the moral to this story is they payed a 2 hundred thousand dollar fine! for the illeagal part of the operation...."BUT" they took out 3 million in gold.

Makes me wonder about the fine' vs take???

Keep it in mind there are different ways to reach a goal.

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