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LipCaRe: gpm's
but it is two stroke and NOISY.....high rpms

I also have a Tanaka two stroke that puts out 90 gpm. only weighs 12 lbs ... just too noisy.
cubsquealRe: gpm's

Speaking of small water pumps, I just saw the one below a few days ago. It has 40cc. The Honda WX-10 has 25cc; the Honda WX-15 has 49cc. The price seems pretty reasonable and the gentleman has certainly sold a pile of them. I'd like to have one to drop into my backpack.


LipCaRe: gpm's
I understand how they rate them.

This will be packed into small ravines in the high country that will only have SOME water during the rainy season.
Will probably have to recirculate water.

Already able to do WH 15 but that will be overkill and too heavy to backpack.
overtheedgeRe: gpm's
No problem. It'll do you well for a power sluice or small highbanker. Not sure if you plan to upgrade to a small dredge down the road, but if you do, the WH-15 might be a better choice for just a few (few? define few?) bucks more.

One of the problems with making pump choices is the majority of advertisers tell you max pressure and max volume. Max pressure is with no flow and max volume is at no pressure. Whenever possible look at the pressure/volume curve the better pump manufacturers will give you.
LipCaRe: gpm's
So if a 1250 gph will run your 9 inch, 37 gpm(2220 gph) should be ok.

this is the pump i'm thinking of:


Just not at that price!!!

Thanks for the thoughts...
overtheedgeRe: gpm's
1200 gph is 20 gpm. So the next question is a bilge pump or gas? Reason I ask is bilge pumps are real low head. My 500gph bilge pump barely runs a 6" finishing sluice with 3' of lift. Maybe that helps. The Gold-Buddy highbanker is 9" and uses a 1250 gph Attwood bilge pump. I have no knowledge of how well the pump performs with that set-up, but they seem to sell a few.

The Attwood has a 1⅛" outlet. I just used a few wraps of electrical tape to bump it up to a more standard size of 1".
LipCaRe: gpm's
The riffle height is 1/2 inch.

There will be a grizzly over it to classify down to about 3/8 inch.

Here is the link to Jobe's site so you can see it:

overtheedgeRe: gpm's
What is the largest material you plan to put through the sluice? Without that question being answered, there is no good answer to your question.

Then the question remains as to what is your sluices riffle height? And it seems to me that miners moss bedding likes another 15-20% more water than carpet.

edited to add second paragraph
LipCaRe: gpm's
I would do that if they were too high.

But, my question was, what would be enough? 1200gph?
baubRe: gpm's
If the gpms are too high, you might put in an inline valve.

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