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tlcarrigRe: Forum Spammer
Thanks a bunch Jim. I just wish someone over on the GPAA forum would take the time to do the same. Seems as though no one there cares.
James_101Re: Forum Spammer
greatly apptreciated Jim cheers.
dredgerRe: Forum Spammer
I agree with everything said Jim, great job,thanks,

Merry Christmas to all,

pelukRe: Forum Spammer
Roger your last,Jim. It is very convenient not having to log in and still have the ability to scan new posts. It saves time but it probably creates a nuisance for you.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
baubRe: Forum Spammer

shaftsinkerawcRe: Forum Spammer
Everything you guys do along these lines is greatly apptreciated Jim. Have a Merry CHRISTmas.
Jim_AlaskaForum Spammer
Yesterday a spammer slipped through my radar and posted Spam on the forum. He also sent PM's to members.

Its no big deal, but I just wanted members to know I banned him and removed his posts.

I check regularly for new registrations that are Spammers, but once in a while one gets past me simply because I can't be online 24/7

I just wanted you folks to know so that I don't get a pile of emails about the Spammer.

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