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thegoldgopherRe: Looking to dredge this summer
Just start googling and reading. You must have missed it, but it went from a Wild Wesst mentality to a slightly more orderly thing with the leases. All the good and big stuff is now leased. Private and public stuff abounds throughout Alaska, you just have to find it or a landowner who will let you mine.

I read on one of the forums that they are having problems already with the influx of people to the area, and the public areas are having fights and all sorts of hoopla. They say they will enforce the 75' regulation, which, IIRC is that you have to stay 75' away from anyone else in the water.

I also read that the police are not in a good mood, as with all the new people, a lot of them desperate, and all the short tempers, that they anticipate a very busy year. And I heard from a couple of the state guys I talked to yesterday that there will be a no nonsense zero tolerance atmosphere. One of them said it's going to be a zoo.

What you want to do is admirable, but I think you've missed this year. I am going at it from a different angle, fabricating and patenting a couple of ideas I've had stored in my brain for a long time. A trip to Nome is going to cost you $2 grand any way you go with airfare and $30 pizzas, and $7 beers. There is a lot to learn, and when you're up to your hips in alligators, you won't have a lot of time for learning. A trip for observation only would be a good investment.

I can't give you a lot of advice myself. But I did go and become a hard hat diver in the Gulf of Mexico for six years. It is brutal work. And working around dredging, or any surface support vessels just make it more dangerous. It is cold hard dirty work. Living conditions suck, and if you can't man up and get along with the crew and the conditions, it is a recipe for misery. With the cold conditions up there, it's another degree of magnitude worse.

TV may make it look really good, but as with the Gold Rush at the turn of the last century, most people who went up there barely made wages.

It is a huge risk. Take your time. It will still be there next year, and next year, I bet just a little quieter.

klondike_jakeRe: Looking to dredge this summer
its totally amazes how a t.v. show can make people literally jump ship.its like jump off this bridge and your a millionaire.ive been dredging since 1980 and have known about the gold in nome since 86.its really gotta be a joke these days with all the short horns around.
i bet you guys that do it all the time make side bets on whose next to fail.kinda like a play by play.
Darkstar_MiningRe: Looking to dredge this summer
Yup, it's all about the long haul. I have spent countless hours panning and shoveling only to have to clean my gear and hike it back to my truck empty handed, or thinking I know it's there where is it?. I cant wait to hopefully,hopefully, get lucky and break even next year. If not I have other income and will be back in 2014. Difference between the newbies and the other newbies in dredging I that some have an understanding of what it takes to get that first ounce. I don't do it for income, but 2013 I hope to try to begin a serious career of doing so. DON"T Quit your day job and move to Nome for the summer to pan for gold. I have been recreational prospecting for 6 yrs. and the guys on here make me realize how much there is always to learn in the trade. OH did anybody mention how effin hard the work is getting to a final classifying stage!! And then the disappointment, oh the disappointment...But yet it cant be that bad right were all still looking for it!!!
GoldMiner5Re: Looking to dredge this summer
First of all, I'm new to this forum , so howdy ! I've been a gold prospector since 1979 , I started in Az. hard rockin n assay work for claim owners , been doin it off n on ever since n I'm good at it. Guar un teed gold minin is the hardest work you will ever do fer LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE .If anyone thinks thet're goin to jump right in n git rich you're jis gona git da FEEEEEEVA !!! HAHAHAHAHA !!!:confused:
Darkstar_MiningRe: Looking to dredge this summer
Dan if your still needing help contact me. I'm serious about this trade. Your comment on how there's plenty looking for a mark, so I called my buddy and he confirmed your opinion. I am not looking to be with an as*hole crook, I have kids. My certification will be in hand April 29th. I am willing, able and ready to do the work. I hope you contact back.
thanks, Pacos Bill
AK_Au_diverRe: Looking to dredge this summer

As long as you don't need to make money, accept that you may not recoup anything you spend on the Nome trip (just like a vacation).

I think you are underestimating how much your stay will cost, figure in another $2000 for unexpected things, like camping and transportation fees.

Having a job where you get the summers off makes Nome ideal. Some of the most successful people in the Nome dredging community are retired or otherwise have the summer off. They are successful because their definition of success is to have a good time and enjoy themselves, and not lose too much on gold mining.

Two months a year is not enough to be serious about Nome, some storms last a month. Serious people dedicate 4 to 6 months to make Nome work for them.
jamesnbRe: Looking to dredge this summer
Hello all. I too have been looking to do some prospecting or maybe some treasure hunting off Florida this Summer. I do appreciate the downside but my situation is a little different.
I'm 45 years old. I'm a science teacher and enjoy a relatively free Summer and my step-children are going off to college this summer. My half-baked idea goes something like this:
Work as a diver or deck hand this summer, make some contacts and learn the ropes. If the weather sucks or what every and I only make $2,000 that would cover the flight and incidentals plus I would have the experience and the stories. If jumping in 40 degree water starts to get old, I'll remind myself I could be sitting in the Texas swelter instead.
If I make a good chunk of change, my wife and I could enjoy a nice vacation before school starts.
If I really like it, make some money and could see myself doing it for a few more years, I could work on picking up some good used equipment (at dirt cheap prices--boat, pumps, sluice) and work out a sub-lease on a tract for two months out of each season. I've been diving and doing work underwater for at least 25 years. I'm handy with tools; I rebuilt the engine in my boat last summer (351W).
I know it's not a get rich quick and easy deal and I'm not counting on the money. But $50 or $100K would be a nice bonus.
Is this something I should be entertaining or have I lost my mind too?
AK_Au_diverRe: Looking to dredge this summer

When I started in Nome, there were 12 dredges total in all of Norton Sound, and I was friends with the owner/operators of 5 of them. Plus I was partnered with an expert gold miner.

When Dan started, I think his was the 15th dredge in Nome.

Dan and I both had horrible first years, as does most every first year dredger with their own operation that we've ever met.

The difference is that we could afford to fail and come back another year. The other difference is that there were over 65 dredges last year, and another few dozen expected, with less ground to work.
jjusselyRe: Looking to dredge this summer

i have read several of your posts and i believe even watched some of your youtube vids. i am a writer in Mississppi and would like to interview you and put you on record. i am doing a piece on Nome and gold dredging. would be interested in helping me out??

pelukRe: Looking to dredge this summer
This just occurred to me.Although newcomers are always welcome,if I were a Noman with a dredge and I was looking at a limited resource,I probably wouldn't be meeting you at the airport.Life's like that.:confused:

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