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Diamond_diggerRe: Thinking of designing a high-tech dredge head for use in Nome
I was playing around with the same idea but just a cutter head is not going to do it.
The way I see it there is two options. A cutter head connected to a large suction hose 15 odd inches wide the cutter head must be mounted on either a crawler or a very large hydraulic arm.
On the barge you will have to put a serious trommel/classifier on as a first stage reception unit for the gravel with the big stones being sucked up.
Then you have to move the gravel on a conveyor belt to the standard wash plant.
However in order for the unit to work in winter time it must be fitted with tracks as well as hydraulic movable flotation pontoons. So that the pontoons can be moved out of the way so that the unit becomes a crawler and can move around on the ice. The cutter can then cut through the ice as you go and mine.
It is an idea lol will surely be expensive!
My 2p's worth barring inflation
(Lets face it, it would be one heck of a machine)
jcazgoldchaserRe: Thinking of designing a high-tech dredge head for use in Nome



thegoldgopherRe: Thinking of designing a high-tech dredge head for use in Nome
Am working on patented concept that may apply to your project. I can be contacted at thegoldgopher@gmail.com

Please contact if interested.

FlengRe: Lots of good ideas
I came across some plans to build a backhoe for $2500. Hope to incorporate some of the suggestions into a submercible version.


FlengLots of good ideas
I like the idea of pressure sealing the joint bearings of the shovel from seawater. Probably need to do the same thing for the hydraulics or I'm never going to get an environmental permit. I'm going to try and fabricate something in the garage that I can test in the creek and work down to 30 feet.
klondike_jakeRe: Thanks for the welcome
a side by side hydraulic setup operated remotely via camera.one operating 12 inch nozzle the other operating hydraulic grabber for sweeping away the bigger rocks.then some way to unplug the s.o.b.use like an exstenda hoe arm the size of a track hoe say Hitachi400.
homestead54Re: Thinking of designing a high-tech dredge head for use in Nome
design of a cutterhead and how it could work in nome and rivers in alaska with perma-frost- and different types of material.- you can contact me at homestead54@hotmail.com
I have tested many rivers and creeks on this-nome have not tested yet- but look at what is there- and have ideas to imnprove recovery of fine gold without lost of horse-power or incresing it.
pelukRe: Thanks for the welcome
Thanks Dick...and to you the same.By the way,I saw an invitation from an outfit that had planned on coming up to Nome with a cutterhead dredge.The invitation was for investors.This included a rundown on what type of gold the Bima(monstrous offshore bucket line dredge) was running into when it worked in the Nome area.

The information is over on the AMDS Prospecting Forum.Just scroll down the threads to the one on the Bima.
The information stated the coarsest gold they ran into was 15mm or about 5/8ths inch.Average cubic meter held 824mg. Highest was 1.120grams per cubic meter.

I'll try to get over to the CR when I get some wheels and take a look at their layout.I thought I saw a trommel mounted on board at one time.

dickbRe: Thanks for the welcome
Hi Peluk:

I agree that they don't give much air time to the operation on the CR. Looks to me that they empty into a wash hopper that may run into a vibrating grizzly, then turns to port into a sluice box, then overboard on the port side.

I'm wondering why, that in all the cleanups shown, all we see is say 1/8" down to about 20 mesh. Never anything larger and/or smaller. I suspect that all the numbers that they are posting are phony anyway!

The only hard thing I come away from watching both shows is that it takes big capital to finance a money making mining operation, and it's a lot more than luck that fills those pans.

Hope you have a good season this year.

pelukRe: Thanks for the welcome
dickb,it is a fact that the Christine Rose is limited in digging depth.I've heard the owner is planning on putting a larger excavator aboard that barge or another one.However,in one of the scenes in the "Bering Sea Gold" series,you can here Shaun(his son)saying something like 'Dig shallow that's where the pay is'.

There is plenty of good pay in shallow water right in front of town...in some areas.I can't swear to this but I believe there is a trommel aboard that barge.This is why I wonder why it doesn't get more exposure on the film.
I don't think I've seen one shot yet of wwere the material goes after the hopper.

If an excavator with longer boom and dipper were used,it would appear the current deck space would be too cramped and a longer barge would be called for in order to load the hopper.No?

Dredger,if I see the barge owner or his son,I will refer them to your photos and suggestions.His line is busy right now.I'm also going to ask around about just how much I can expect from a frost bucket on schist bedrock.A lot will depend on how the schist is layered.I've seen verticle layering just off the beach.I think horizontal layering would lend itself more easily to a frost bucket.
I've seen big excavators slamming away at schist with a ripper tooth and it is a long task usually done in tandem with a cat and a ripper tooth.In a sand trench,it would bring down the walls and the tooth's impact would be cushioned requiring changeout to a bucket.

You're talking 'underwater' and I'm going back and forth with the offhore work in progress and the onshore plans I have.I'll get out of your hair.

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