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FCT2Re: Dredging in Nome
Still in the r & d phase
klondike_jakeRe: Dredging in Nome
it just seams kinda funny how all of a sudden the dredgers are coming out of the wood work like a bunch of carpenter ants .ive been dredging for over thirty years and have never seen so many people acting so desperate to find gold.the grass roots of it all will never change.no matter what your set up is it will be a lot of hard work.im staying in the lower 48 because i think that when the years over i will have done better than going to nome and gambling on a bunch of hype.any way good luck and dont quit working.
thegoldgopherRe: Dredging in Nome
You have an advantage, as you are not expecting roses. So, you won't be surprised when you hit the thistles.

I worked offshore oilfields for nearly seven years as a diver and diver/tender. The job is hard enough, but it takes a mindset to live that closely, get along, and get the work done. Then there's the weather conditions.

We had plenty of bad weather in the Gulf of Mexico, but nothing like the miserable weather up north.

Some suggestions from my experiences:
Plainly posted rules.. no fighting for any reason.. no extended antagonism from any member towards another..no call, no show, no job, no second chance.. failing to carry out an order is a day off, second time, you're gone.. arrange some sort of bonus system so that the guy who is there until the very last day gets some sort of bonus pay, it will help you keep people longer, take it out of the pokey as you go along, and then the ones who make the end have a good bonus, or you can keep some, and spread the rest around. If a guy leaves early, NO bonus at all. This is what we did when working overseas, as it was expensive to send someone home and get a replacement, bonuses went into the $50k range per contract.. if you're in a bar fight in company clothes, you're a goner, if you show up hung over, you miss the day, second time, you're a goner.

I guess the major thing to say is have structured fair WRITTEN rules that are applied evenly to everyone, dispensed quickly, and no wishy washy. You'll have a better work environment for sure. The bonus works for keeping people longer, maybe even from season to season.


CW_WorksRe: Dredging in Nome
The Neffco bowls that are for sale are new. Made when ordered. If you want more information on fine gold recovery email me
klondike_jakeRe: Dredging in Nome
im going to use the stars for my timing.not going to nome till sun spots enter the minimum cycle.should be more dredging days that way.this maximum we are having is going into overtime.a little el nino would help too.(i think)
SoCal_SD_DIVERSRe: Dredging in Nome

We are two guys that hookah-line and dive for a living. The general population doesnít understand how much endurance this line of work requires. Both hard working individuals we are equipped to handle adverse situations.


CURRENT JOB: Dive & Marine Services
POSITION: Operations Manger/ Partner
DESCRIPTION: Underwater vessel maintenance of bottom paint, props, zinc anodes, through hulls and recovery. Diving an average of 5hrs per day in 54F-62F waters. Vessels range from 20ft.-158ft.

Previous work experience:
Demo/ Construction
Bovine/ Milk Technician
Custom Field Application/ Pumping

Working with heavy machinery brings a general knowledge of mechanics. Most jobs have taught me that if you canít fix it, you arenít working until itís repaired. Iíve worked the farms of Minnesotaís freezing winters, pushed 30+ hour days sitting in tractors and still had time to go fishing. My work ethic is second to none, and that stuff is a cake walk compared to being in a wetsuit freezing your ass off all day. I have come back to the Pacific Ocean my true passion.

Iím going to cut my cliff note resume sort and save blog space. I could type for hours about the wild jobs and stuff Iíve put up with. Next to all that dredging for gold off the coast of Alaska seems like a breath of fresh air that Iím hungry for.

Iíve only included a short description of myself. There is second diver also looking to expand his horizons if the opportunity presents its self.

Thanks for your time.
sparkedogRe: Dredging in Nome
May be able to help with storage. have property in escrow. looking to build pad(s)with shipping container(s) attached this summer. That is, if I can get a contractor to respond to my request for estimates.
AK_Au_diverRe: Dredging in Nome

I have a Neffco bowl for sale too, in Nome, so no extra shipping costs.
CW_WorksRe: Dredging in Nome
If you are interested in a Neffco bowl go to my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003644371619
AK_Au_diverRe: Dredging in Nome

There is no way you can camp in my yard. Nor do I have any work for anyone.

I recommend the Xcel Tri-Polar (they might have newer options). Key features form any suit are wetsuit (or "semi-dry"), thick neoprene (7mm+), front horizontal zipper (shoulder to shoulder), attached hood, correct for for your body. I also like good stretchy knee pads, not the solid rubber type; and I like ankle zippers. I buy mine from these guys: http://www.ssdsupply.com/ Don't bother them with Nome questions, and make sure you mention that you are a certified diver (they are a responsible vendor and will ask), actually lead with that. "Hi I'm almost completed with my diver certification here in [CITY], and I'm looking to buy a wetsuit appropriate for Nome, what do you recommend."

There is a Wells Fargo and a couple credit unions in Nome, there is no need to carry large amounts of cash. Nome is a modern city-like place.

You might be able to find some good housing options for that late in the summer. At the very least, the camping situation will be figured out, someone will likely report here the situation.

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