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jamesnbRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
Quote: not to insult the Stooges

thegoldgopherRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
I figured out that these shows wouldn't be about mining when that greenhorn Hoffman crew sat up their shaker on a cone of dirt, and were amazed when it started walking off. Then ran for DAYS with the sluice at the wrong angle. Hell, you can get a Harbor Freight angle indicator for $2. "OUT GOLD'S GONE, BOYS!" Uh, Jack ..... psttt.... just excavate the runoff for 100 feet and rerun the dirt. duh ..............

Throughout the show, the Hoffman's always had new "stuff" showing up. That $16k separator table, the duplex jig, all sorts of new stuff, and it looked like they unwrapped a new set of black Carharts every day.

And then the constant whining of "I need to make at least 1,000 ounces, or I'm out of here", ....... then, "well, I guess 100 will have to do it."

The money is coming from somewhere, and it ain't from the gold. Or they are getting more than they are showing, which just might be a possibility................ ya don't think, do ya?

As per Bering Sea Gold, look at the four crews that they found who were willing to be on TV. What a motley crew. Barfights, now a DUI for Pomrenke, pissing and moaning all the time. If there were only three of them, they would have been called the Three Stooges......... not to insult the Stooges, who would have probably gotten more gold.

If you find a guy who talks a log about what he's getting, he either ain't getting all that much, or he's an idiot for broadcasting it all over the place.

Scott had to stick around for something, and in the end, it sure was a miraculous monetary recovery, wasn't it?
Darkstar_MiningRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
:devil: Exactly!!! :devil:
InspectorTomRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim

All my friends that know I'm a gold miner keep asking me if I watch Bering Sea Gold show. NO!...I tell them "I would watch the show if it were just an hour of underwater footage of those people dredging"...that's it, an hour of a guy dredging with only the sound of the gravel going up the tube...no talking, no fighting, no bitching...
AK_Au_diverRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
Quote: sparkedog at 22:27:28 Tue Apr 10 2012

CLICK HERE to read our post on what it takes to get a gold dredging claim in the Bering Sea.

Anyone that talks about "claims" in the ocean near Nome I automatically discount their gold dredging IQ by 10 points; unless I actually determine that they really are talking about one of the very few claims that exist. Most are called leases.

I didn't watch the show, but everyone that's been involved with Nome dredging for more than a couple years knows that Scott Meisterheim is a fraud and crook. Mainly because we've never heard of him before. And Vernon is obviously an idiot for hiring a complete greenhorn to design and build Three new 8-inch gold dredges, one of which was on the show. The one Scott switched to on the last show might have been another one of Vernon's dredges.

I don't know if Scott actually paid up on the lease that he bid on.
Darkstar_MiningRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
WHO CARES!! It all comes down to one thing, WHO EFFIN CARES!!
pelukRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
Nope,I don't know that character.The point about his having the ability or resources to bid is interesting I agree.
FlengRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
I think it was peluk who said that the whole Meisterheim persona was nothing but a put on. What do you think that the judge would say at his child support hearing if he heard he put up that much money? What are the chances that Vern and him were thinking about WWF when they staged their little scrap for TV? Is there anything real about Meisterheim?

Bottom line is that watching gold mining is interesting enough WITHOUT made for tv drama. They can leave all the love life issues on the cutting room floor for all I care. Show me a good sluice and a guy working the dredge. Mechanisms that fail are all the drama I need.
dickbRe: All Things Scott Meisterheim
"how is it that the character Scott Meisterheim is able to come up with 40K to buy mining leases?"

Makes you wonder what they were paid for "acting" don't it!

Still gotta wonder why after 30 days dredging and getting only 3/4 ozt, why he was still dredge captain, why Vernon didn't fire them all, where Steve got the money to live on!

Ain't Reality TV GREAT?

dickb :devil:
sparkedogAll Things Scott Meisterheim
In not too many years I will be retiring and the wife and I have already chosen Nome as one of out retirement locations. Nome seems to be just quirkie enough to keep our co-dependant Attention Defecite Disorder entertained. Eventhough, as a younger man, I did a lot of ocean diving (dive master) I'm way to lazy to dredge. I'm more a "sit in boat, drink beer guy". I'll stick to fishing in the river.

In watching that circus known as "bearing sea gold', and reading the Nome Nugget, how is it that the character Scott Meisterheim is able to come up with 40K to buy mining leases? If we are to believe that he is so in debt that he had to spend time in jail for not paying child support, where did the lease money come from? Also, shouldn't that money have gone to pay his child support? Is someone giving him a dredge? If not, that's 50-100K.

I'd like to get some local feed back on the "silver spoon" miners who have come, and will be coming, to Nome for gold.

As for me, I plan on having a blast when I visit in June to stimulate the local economy.

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