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Darkstar_MiningRe: Keene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!
Youve got that right Elkiller, we defenitely do.. This is the type of goodwill that helps a man better his place in the world..Two cheers for Elkiller everyone!!This is how we are supposed to be to eachother... :doublethumbsup: :thankyou:
baubRe: Keene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!
Good post.
elkillerRe: Keene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!
Glad to hear it was what you were looking for. We all need to be looking out for each other. Hope it gets you loads of gold.
Darkstar_MiningRe: Keene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!
Thanks alot I'll givem a call,if theres a purchase made I'll pull the post. God bless and good mining.

I just talked to him and he still has it, I'll be purchasing and shipping thursday. I really cant thank you enough, that just saved me $1150.00...If there is ever anyway I can return the favor just ask and I'll do my best. Grateful for the help and looking forward to installing. God bless and good mining..
elkillerRe: Keene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!

Here you go.... $500 bucks
Darkstar_MiningKeene 1500/gpm pump needed !!!
Howdy all' I'm in the process of my 8" build on a sylvan supreme pontoons with aluminum deck, and we need a keene 1500gpm pump. We all like to save money,and we all have stuff we don't use anymore so I figured I'd give it a shot. If anyone has one at discount I'd like to buy it. You can reach me with a private message or you can email me at browntreespirits@gmail.com Thank everyone for reading. God bless and good mining.

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