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MuleyRe: Down the Road
Glad to hear that you had so much fun this summer. Hope to see you in 2013.
baubRe: Down the Road
Welcome back, Joe !
dickbRe: Driving down the Road
Hi Joe:

Glad you made it back safe and sound. I hope you had a good year up in AK. Never is it easy or uneventful. :smile:

kavemanRe: Driving down the Road
Hope you learned your lesson about getting your rear end out of Alaska on time. Winter comes on strong and in a hurry up there.

We had a similar problem with a bad tranny back in '85, but it managed to limp us into Edmonton before giving up the ghost. We didn't see 14 below until we got back to Indiana, and that was some months later.
JOE_S_INDYRe: Driving down the Road
Hi there, all!

Yes, we're both in Indiana now - finally.

BJ flew down in the begining of October and I was to leave to drive down in a week or so.

Then the rear driver's side axle broke and the now loose wheel destroyed the left half of the rear end. I ended up having to replace the entire rear end with a recycled one. After some more delays I was finally able to leave late in the day on Halloween.

First night in the Yukon it went down to 14 below - and so sleeping was deferred to hour long naps for the first 2 days.

After that it was a long (with a welcome visit with friends) trip south (to miss some heavy winter weather) and then east to eventally end up in Indiana on the night of the 12th. 6,000 miles.

BobAK, LipCa and Baub I will be sure to visit this spring.

dredger, GREAT to hear from you, too!

azkid, I don't usually make it to Fairbanks - but if that can happen this spring I'll be sure to down some coffee and spin a few stories with you, too.

For now, just another winter to spend getting ready for the '13 mining season.

OH, as soon as winter settles in, there will be a full report on the rebuilding of "The Phoenix" trommel - including a picture of it's elusive Master Designer - FUBAR.

baubRe: Down the Road
Make it back Joe ?

LipCaRe: Down the Road

Sorry I missed you on your way through.

If I had known when you were going to be through, I would have had them postphone the hunting season for a few days.... :smile:

Next spring I guess.

Drive safe. Harry
BobAKRe: Down the Road
Joe, stop by if you get a chance, Bob
baubRe: Down the Road
Drive careful Joe!

LipCaRe: Down the Road
And no breakfast or even a cup of coffee :mad:

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