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leonardRe: A girls best friend?
Thats my friend Ed. He is in actuality a real "Rocket Scientist". He participates in most of the satelite launches.
Diamond_diggerRe: A girls best friend?
When you look a the picture you expect his Donkey to walk up! lol Well done!
leonardRe: A girls best friend?
They have several people that have paid a special fee and they have an small area kind of like a claim that only they can work. They dig deeper holes. Some of them are rumored to do well.

Whats funny is seeing this at the entrance to a state park.

Kind of like the picture I have of my truck with a 4" dredge in the back parked in Yellostone Park.
Diamond_diggerRe: A girls best friend?
Depending on a close inspection those stones are around $1200 not bad for a day out.
I hear several big companies have tried and failed to work that pipe over the years.
I cannot help but cringe...
Put me and my gear on it and someone will retire Dude!
Great picture!
leonardRe: A girls best friend?
Quote: overtheedge at 06:07:21 Mon Oct 8 2012

If I lead anyone to think I have held a raw diamond, I accidentally misled you.

Well, I've held a few. These were found at Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Not by me though, darn it! These are real! I like the yellow the best.

Diamond_diggerRe: A girls best friend?
Thanks Geowizard,

A little more diamonds also fluoresce blue, then yellow, orange, green and white. It all depends on the color of the stone. However some diamonds do not fluoresce. So this is not a standard you can hold for all diamonds.
The pure diamond does not fluoresce it is the impurities in the stone that does.
As soon as I figured out how to put pictures on I will show a bit more.
Below is a standard diamond grading scale for those lucky ones that find a big stone!

The Color grading chart
Color Description
E Colorless diamond
H Nearly colorless diamond. Appears colorless when set into a piece of jewelry
L Faintly-tinted diamond. Usually yellow tint.
P Very lightly-tinted yellow diamond. Color is visible to the eye.
S Z Light yellow diamonds. Color is very visible to the eye, even when set into jewelry

geowizardRe: A girls best friend?

I am glad you found this thread!:welcome:

You're a great resource on this subject!

- geowizard
Diamond_diggerRe: A girls best friend?
Diamonds do fluoresce blue. I shall try to explain a bit more.

How to identify a diamond in the field. If you can do buy a hand-held electronic diamond tester.

It is relatively easy a few things to remember.

1) All diamonds have a natural oily layer on them that repel water.

2) A diamond does not get hot

3) It is a crystal and many have triangular shapes on the sides.

4) It can be any color but it will have the same characteristics

5) All diamonds have a very special shine to them in their uncut state one you will never forget once you have seen one.

6) Carry a 10 x loop (Magnifying glass) with you it helps to show the inside of the stone and usually there are maybe one or two spots in them or a small shift in the crystal itself.

7) The usual diamond shapes are: Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Cubes

Whole and Irregular Shapes
8) A diamond does not get wet so blow your hot breath on it and there will be no moisture on it.

9) Place the stone on a newspaper if it is not completely cloudy. Try seeing the print through the stone. If you can read the print or see it clearly, the stone is likely a fake. This test can have mixed results if your stone is very cloudy

10) Scratch the surface of a small compact mirror. A real diamond should have no trouble scratching your mirror. You can also try rubbing the stone with sandpaper. A real diamond should not be scratched

Rough diamonds that are modified forms of the octahedron, dodecahedron and cube and display both rounded faces, points and ribs are referred to as whole diamonds. If the same conditions prevail and the rough is elongated its known as an irregular. These shapes are common to river bed and alluvial placer deposits reflecting the rounding of edges that occur through weathering and transport from their surface origin to the place where their found as a placer deposit.
Hope this helps.
dredgerRe: A girls best friend?
Bob, what do think it is,????:confused:
BobAKRe: A girls best friend?
I have no reason to think these are diamonds. Even if they were there would be no value. The blues are a bit larger, but all are very small.

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