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geowizardRe: If I had a Hammer...

With reference to control, you have to maintain "control". It's a very good point you have brought up.

I was at an MSHA class a few years ago and seated around me were casually dressed CEOs. Although they looked casual, they were full of the wisdom that is hard-fought and much of it earned the hard way. During one of the breaks I was discussing the marketing of zinc from a Lead-Zinc-Silver mine I owned and was operating at the time. The question I had was related to selling the mine or going into a JV with a zinc consumer and relinquishing control.

They said; "By all means, sell or JV if necessary, but don't relinquish control." :smile:

- Geowizard
baubRe: If I had a Hammer...

I've done this sucessfully a few times in real estate and trucking.
There is a sweet spot that develops where risks are small and returns are very good. Past this place, up where the banks take a harder look at you I found that they become nervous, especially if you expand too fast, even if the cash flow is great.
At this point is a big decision for the small biz guy. Do I spring for more inventory, equipment etc or build up my equity for a while and perhaps sell or remain the same size and be content with what I have?
With the advent of centralized control over everything a lot more planning is required.

geowizardIf I had a Hammer...

Creativity leads to great, unforgettable performances.

When I think of being creative, I think of Peter, Paul and Mary and other creative people like kevy.

There are creative geniuses around us!:welcome:

I remember the pictures of kevy's hut & kevy working in the lighted hut during the dark, winter in Nome. Being creative!

We all have the "freedom" to think.

Placing thinking hat on head...

If I had a gold pan...

If I had a mining claim...

If I developed a mining claim...

If I had a computer...

If I ran an ad...

If I had a "lever"!:smile:

Could I leverage the mine to get a larger mine?

If the lever was a big lever, could I finance production?

You probably get the idea by now.

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