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geowizardRe: October surprise? (20 days)

"Just Surprise Me!", Rodney Dangerfield:smile:

- Geowizard
draglineRe: October surprise? (20 days)
Absolutely. For a lot of reasons the rulers of the world (those Illuminati bankers that own all governments and print the fiat debt based currencies of the world) would like to kick off World War III before the US Presidential elections scheduled for November 6th, 2012.

One very real possibility that these elite bankers have been considering is an Israeli EMP attack on Iran.

The ultimate goal and reason for kicking off WW-III at this time is the complete destruction, annihilation and depopulation of the US with a 90% death toll. As US citizens the important thing for us to realize is that our entire US Federal Government, Congress, the Supreme Court and Executive Branches, are completely under the control of these bankers that want virtually all of us dead.

Interesting also is that the most efficient way for our slave masters to kill off 90% of all US inhabitants would also be an EMP attack 300 miles above Kansas City. For the cost of just a few million dollars a fourth generation EMP nuclear weapon could be launched with a scud missile from a cargo ship parked in the Gulf of Mexico. Within 12 months of that detonation 90% of the US population will be dead.

Here are a couple of somewhat out of date reports produced from our main stream media Fox News back in 2009 and 2011...

Here are a few more educational videos about EMP...

If you don't believe that Iran has an EMP ready to deploy against the American people on a moments notice, think again. Be informed and be prepared.


cubsquealOctober surprise? (20 days)

Events appear to finally be coming to a head. Maybe it would be wise to gas up the cars.


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:: :: October surprise? (20 days) :: Add Reply

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