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geowizardRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away

"Optimism can cloud rational thinking." Ote.

Prospecting and the philosophy of rational thinking?

An old saying:

Rational thinking and Emotion: One without the other is a dangerous thing!


The human element requires "emotion". Without emotion, we would have no ambition or optimism and therefore we wouldn't be prospectors!

What is a "prospector"? :confused:

- Geowizard
overtheedgeRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away

Quote: geowizard

In case you haven't heard...There's a Gold Rush in Alaska!

Just keep in mind that you can't drive there from here. For practical purposes, Alaska is pretty much road-less. A big share of the trails are winter only and many of the older trails need brushing out. So plane, boat or foot is your primary means of transportation to get there.

But ... there is a lot of potential that hasn't seen boots on the ground for decades or perhaps never. The state has just barely begun geophysical surveys with a lot of likely ground still to be done.

I biased, optimistic and live here as proof. However, don't figure on success as a week-end warrior. Be prepared to spend weeks in the field. This means bring lots of money. It might take many seasons to find and develop an economic deposit.

To quote Kenny Rogers "The Gambler",
You gotta know when to hold them.
Know when to throw them.
Know when to walk away.
Know when to run.

Optimism can cloud rational thinking.

The State of Alaska is mining friendly. The Feds are Jekyll and Hyde. You don't think ANILCA was all about scenery do you? At the highest levels of Fed gov't, they know that they have set aside strategic mineral reserves. Local Fed land managers have their own agendas that inhibit development.

geowizardRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
Quote: "Go North, young man, go North!" -Geowizard :welcome:

Note: Alaska doesn't pay me for promotion of any kind.

More of the "public domain" is being "TA'd" and patented to the State of Alaska EVERY day. The State of Alaska has an agenda!

The agenda is to open the State of Alaska to every qualified citizen and/or qualified corporation (entity) to explore and develop the minerals in the state!

In case you haven't heard...There's a Gold Rush in Alaska!:confused:

Actually, I call it a STAMPEDE! visit: www.stampede-gold.com

- Geowizard
azkidRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
0my family in AZ is dealign with this it doesnt deal with minig but ranching. My family has has the ranch there since 1873 and now the US FS is tryign to make the creek there wild and scenic which would pretty much wipe out the existance of any of their land which they have held since 1873.

It already happened once when AZ became a state my family loss a ton of land and even homesteads. Now they are trying it again and it will wipe out their cattle herd and family business for the last almost 140 years.

This government is out of control and its gonna get worse.
Jim_AlaskaRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
That's a good question Wiz, but one that may have a very complicated answer.

I'll try to briefly answer based on the premise that you are talking about Public Land. or land that is commonly referred to as federal land.

The answer to what is the better use and who should be making the decisions has already been put into law.

In the 1866 mining law, later revised in 1872, the Congress of the United States virtually disposed of the Public Lands designated as Public Domain. The United States government now holds these lands in trust for any individual that wants to prospect or mine these lands. This was enacted by the 39th Congress and carries the bill number H.R. 365.

By this act, the congress of the United States declares that the mining of our mineral resources is the highest use of the unappropriated Public Land.

Since it is congress that made this decision and the Sovereignty Act declares its power to do so, we have the answer to the question of who should be making the decisions also.

Once I step foot on unappropriated public land with the intention of prospecting or mining, that land is virtually removed from the status of Public land, and falls under the classification of Public Domain.

By my act of filing a claim I have removed this land from all public use and it becomes private property in every sense of the term. The claim does not have to be a patented claim, it can apply to unpatented claims also. This has been affirmed in courts of law, which have recognized that my legal right to this claim is as good as if it was patented.

That's very brief and simplified, it can get a lot more detailed than this when questions arise as to the whole issue of Public Domain.
geowizardRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away

I understand that BLM land "managers" and Forest "Service" providers have a probable agenda that includes limiting access to certain lands.

The question is "what" is the better use and "who" should be making the decisions. Is there a deeper, darker agenda to control our population and/or make us subserviant to another country or world order?

Who is driving "the agenda" and why? Is it a conspiracy theory or do we need to be more sensitive to the needs of others?

- Geowizard

overtheedgeRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
During my search of legislation, there was a bill to add to the Rogue River Wild and Scenic River area.

I would ask that any reports of onerous legislation at least come with the bill number. Perhaps a link, eh.
Jim_AlaskaRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
In response to the idea that there can be no taking of land, I would like to point out that the powers that be have come up with a new twist. They are doing this right now in California and Oregon.

geowiz is right in his assertion. But to get around this process the agencies will issue an agency "order", which is an agency function. We are addressing the legality of this situation right now in Oregon courts.

Rule making is a very exacting process designed to keep regulations from "taking" property rights, but an agency "order" is what is initiated to get around this process. In this instance there is no "voice of the people".
geowizardRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away

There can be no "Taking" of land.

The point is that rule making goes through a process. The process includes a "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" (NPRM).

The NPRM is published in the Federal Register. You can look it up. You can read it for yourself.

A period of time is allowed for "public comment" and a point of contact is established for public comments.

That's where the voice of the people is heard.

- Geowizard
overtheedgeRe: They're Trying to take All Our Lands Away
I found HR2584, The Dept of Interior Appropriations bill, after wading through 1000 searched bills.

There are a couple of items in the 160 pages.
Placer association claims.
On page 141, there is AZ withdrawal stuff in accordance with PLO 7773.

Maybe I'm a bit confused. How about more info on this doom and gloom bill that your reliable ex-gov't buddy exposed? A bill number would be right handy.

Either the bill exists or it is nonsense that will just get people up at arms. ALL the bills are in the Congressional Record.

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