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jcazgoldchaserRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
How much are you catching in the bottom sluice?

I can understand not having a hopper because the feed would be even higher. I'd get it as low as possible, possibly eliminate the lower sluice and reduce the height or eliminate the highbanker wash. Do you really need it at that point?

Add a hopper with spraybars to help break up clay and slide the material into the trommel. Then you shouldn't need the highbanker wash, reducing the height.

Some sort of chute on the outfeed so you can swing where the tailings fall. Less time between clearing.

Greg_in_BCRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
Man that is beautiful gold! Nice setup and great thinking outside the box. Looking forward to your new video. Greg
DanBrunnerRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)

The new metal frame version does have a removable/adjustable hopper. I cut a semi-circle at the top of the box to hold a bucket in place without requiring me to manually hold it. I still need to work on the transfer from the drum to the first sluice since the new design has a bit more drop to it which is causing some water to splash out. I also ended up using a telescoping leg setup that has holes pegged at regular intervals. I can set my height to whatever I need depending on terrain. Each of the 4 legs has an 8" rubber wheel on it so I can move it myself which is nice since I don't have any dependencies on others. I'm hoping to get the final kinks worked out this winter.


The piping is actually double walled. Its corrugated on the outside and smooth barreled inside. My material flows through the system pretty nicely. Also, since the internal screen is raised off of the rotating drum, I dont have any issues with clays rolling around and picking up the gold on its way out.


That transfer does have drop riffles in it. Its a beach sluice with smaller riffles to capture black sands and fines before they drop into the lower sluice. Interestingly enough I've found most of my pickers and nuggets caught in that upper transfer sluice. Theres a nice low pressure eddie that forms on the "upstream" side of the entry point where the gold seems to like to swirl instead of continuing down to the lower sluice.

This 1 gram piece was found about 2 rifles down from the entry point on that upper transfer sluice.

I will have to take a new video of the new setup next time I'm out.

Thanks for the input. I've alwayss appreciated the deep knowledge transferred on this forum.

InspectorTomRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
Fantastic idea Eric. Skips question was what I saw right off also. I guess it doesn't matter where the gold is trapped as long as you can find it at the end of the day....
One more question...does that "transfer" sluice between trommel output and G-1 hopper have any recovery? Looks like it is made of that Angus McKirk grey plastic...

Au_SeekerRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
That a great idea Dan, classification is always the key to more gold recovery!

The only concern I could see is, are you getting much material getting hung up in the corrugated sections of the plastic pipe you use for the trommel barrel?

overtheedgeRe: New attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
Maybe a few more minor attachments on the feed-in end: feed hopper.

I do like the idea. All too often we think of sluice length as one stretch. Only problem with stacking is shoveling height. Even this can be dealt with.
DanBrunnerNew attachment for my G1 Highbanker (Video)
Hey guys. I just wanted to share a little video of my new G1 Attachment. I worked on the concept last winter and got some good run time on it this season. I've since converted the frame to metal. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. The upper sluice is one of DanFromNY's beach sluices. I really love those drop riffle sluices. 90% of all my gold is found in that upper tray.

G1 Attachment

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