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pelukRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
LipCa,by "opening up beach sand" I mean this.AlienBogey has stated that there is very little in the way of pebbles or larger material in his sand,therefor it is dense.By the time that material is available to the sorting medium whether expanded metal,ribbed rubber or carpet,it must be well watered or open.If not,the medium cannot select and hold the gold specimens.This is why I like a "slick" in the run whether plastic or aluminum or even wood before the area of the sorting medium.

With an electric pump of the smaller sizes,it becomes even more important.There is less pressure to bust up the mass of material fed so you work with what you have.
In dredging it seems the operator is looking for a 20/80 material to water intake for a similar reason.It wouldn't be much different with human digestion if you want to keep from choking.I like to see the sorting action taking place and not hidden under a layer of dense feed that's sliding along distributing gold all the way down the field and even back on the beach.

The picture shows a screen of maybe 1/8" in Alien's current design.I screen to window screen size on the Nome beach because the specimen sizes are 30 mesh and below.Why feed extra material to your sorting field.If you run unto a picker,it will be there on the screen.
LipCaRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
and what does this mean?

"You have to open up beach sand with water"
pelukRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
You do have to remember that smaller electric pumps will not give you a lot of pressure required to run spray bars but they will displace water.With beach sand,you can make them work for you even with that limitation.For example,in one of my "power sluices"(an early Keene design)a curtain of water feeds evenly across the sluice bed.I just feed material,cons in this case,evenly across into that flow.
It would be too slow for a first stage reduction unit.
pelukRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
A return of 1-2grams with a plastic beachbox in 3-4 hours sounds good.It didn't say how wide it was or whether he is using an electric pump as well.
Last Summer,I regularly ran 800lbs of sand to get 1.2-1.5grams with a gas pump(s).It usually took 2 hours but that was feeding below capacity with 60" of sluice width(3x20").I say "undercapacity" because I was running the same amount through another single highbanker which was of a different design.So,I know,with some alteration,I can pick up processing speed.

Electric pumps AC or DC are plenty adequate for sluicing beach sand.I use an 800gph 12volt to run a 10".I have always used a battery charger for my DC pumps with no problems.I can use 6/12V low and 12V high(not "boost")depending on the task.A Rule 1500gph is a real good unit for a larger maybe 12".
I use 110V sump pumps in recirculating operations with a 10-12"wide highbanker as well.They are usually valved down because my pump is more powerful than necessary.I often use 110v to power a 12v charger/pump setup or run a 110v pump.Houshold current is the source and the main benefit is the quiet operation when I'm in the yard.

As far as your bedding in the sluice goes,remember this.You have to open up beach sand with water.This will allow the fine gold to get access to the bedding material whatever it is over a shorter span.If that means feeding more slowly to accomodate sluice size/water feed...just do it.If the feed is such that the gold specimens are riding on a dense mass of sand,they can't be worked by the expanded,or ribbed carpet,or roughtop conveyor(vortex mat) or really any of the new matt designs such as Gold Hog or Keene Wondermat.
It sounds like you have some good material that would pay to work even in small amounts or with a smaller sluice.

Don't be afraid to use various catch mediums.You might follow some of the newer mat designs with a short field of expanded over moss on ribbed rubber....or carpet...to check for losses.Just make sure there is enough water volume to drive the rolling action or selection activity in that field.
alienbogeyRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
Thanks for the PM - I replied.

Yes, I've thought of hooking up the pump directly to my generator, which has a 12 volt outlet. That should satisfy the letter if not the spirit of the rule, and so far as I know there is no rule against running generators on the beach.

Heck, on most Washington beaches driving vehicles is legal, although maybe not for this one state park which evidently has the best gold. If I can get my truck close enough to the pay streak I could run the 12v pump from the truck's batteries, although the draw could be greater than the alternator's supply at idle.

Another thing I've thought of is to run the pump off of a battery, and have the generator simultaneously charging a second battery, ready to swap in. Again, as far as I know that would violate no rule.

The highbanker has a Honda WX-10 pump, which according to online specs is rated at 2220 gph. I found a 12v electric bilge pump rated at 2200 gph, but I'm wondering if I should go with 2 rated at 1500 for extra capacity.

As far as I know I can set up right next to the pay material so there will be no big run of hose, and the recirculating system requirement means there will be no lift other than out of the tub the unit is sitting in and up to the header.

The Gold Hog mat people seem to think that their mats will recover the fine beach gold, although others are expressing doubts and some are recommending the Gold Cube. I'd like to get this highbanker to work without spending $$ on a completely new system, though, I'm already going to have to buy a pump or pumps plus deep cycle 12v battery.
JOE_S_INDYRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
I wonder if a small 110v generator could be used to power a 110v AC electric pump on those "electric pump only" situations?

It would be "stretching" things a bit - but he idea is interesting.

Or, it's alternate idea - running your car and using it's 12v DC system through an inverter to then power a 110v AC pump.

Now, if only 12v DC has to be used you could periodically recharge your battery with the car's system too (using simple jumper cables, eh?).

There are ways around many of the hoops we have to jump through these days, you just have to be really, really creative sometimes. :devil:

JOE_S_INDYRe: Adapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?

PM on the way.

alienbogeyAdapt My Highbanker for Beach Gold?
Washington State's ocean beaches have recently re-opened to recreational gold mining and I'd like to give it a go. The gold is, of course, very very fine. The material is heavy with black sand and beach sand and has essentially no rocks at all—just pure sand.

Rather than getting a whole new beach-only setup I'd like to adapt my mini high banker for this if I can. After much research and thought I'm thinking that I'll completely remove the punch plate/expanded metal/carpet from the header box (remember, the material is pure sand), and replace the sluice section's current expanded metal/hungarian riffles/carpet with plastic mat. I hope to capture the fine gold (of course), while having a minimal amount of concentrate to clean up.

Further data:

• The sluice section measures 6.5" wide by 32" long.

• I can adjust the sluice angle by burying the front/rear legs at different heights, then adjust the angle of the infeed box.

• The best area is electric pumps only

Here are pictures of the high banker as currently configured:


1. Do you think it will work with decent recovery?

2. Any recommendations for plastic matting? I've been looking at the Gold Hog.

3. Any guesses as to how many gallons per hour it will take to run? I'm not sure if one electric pump will do it. I suppose I could run two if required.

4. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

I've spoken to a guy who's been running material through a plastic beach box and he claims he gets 1-2 grams in three or four hours of running material.

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