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dredgerRe: Your own piece of Alaska?
Elephant hunts cost more than jack rabbit hunts!


Too good Wiz,
oregonguy1Re: Your own piece of Alaska?
i guess so considering you said theres that, plus 4k in food. or w/e you shipped in..plus the cost to get gear there..I'd want at least a tusk , dont need the whole elephant. im not greedy:smile:

I bet its an incredible experience!

4200 oz clean up! OMG i think I'd have a heart attack! haha
geowizardRe: Your own piece of Alaska?

Ophir is located about 30 miles NW of McGrath. McGrath and Ophir aren't connected to the road system.

Peninsula Air has daily commuter flights to McGrath. A charter flight can be arranged from McGrath to Ophir. The round trip cost is about $1000. from Anchorage.

That's why folks like Ken P. found a 32 ounce nugget at Moore Creek and 1600 ounces of nuggets were recovered at Ganes Creek in recent years.

Elephant hunts cost more than jack rabbit hunts! :smile:

Toivo Rosander is a legend at Yankee Creek. He is reputed to have had a 4200 ounce clean up.

- Geowizard
oregonguy1Re: Your own piece of Alaska?

So back to the topic..are all of these areas the fly in only type that you've been talking about lately?

Or can a decent 4x4 make it in to any of them.?

I pm'd you this question, but had screen name issues and cant log in.

I think it was the Yankee one that looked like it was closer to a road on google maps?

geowizardRe: Your own piece of Alaska?

One of the issues in owning mining claims is the proper survey of the monuments. The location of the corner posts define the boundaries of the mining claim.

So, I made the comment that my neighbor was mining on my mining claim and I got "jumped on" by a few members that want to put a stick in the eye of Geowizard.

The comment I made was challenged on the basis of whether the neighbor actually had an overlapping, pre-existing right based on his monuments being in a position that gives him a legal right to mine where he IS.

- Geowizard
oregonguy1Re: Your own piece of Alaska?
i had to reregister my name? said my user name didnt exist...
would of liked to hear more about the TOPIC..but now Im confused..are the claim ownerships being disputed here or what?
geowizardRe: Your own piece of Alaska?

Ok, I can see your point!

You are correct! That working goes back a long ways i.e. to the 1970's and before.

The neighbors claim predates my claim.

I have a signed, notarized Affidavit of Annual Labor for the neighbors claim that outlines the 2012 work done, the equipment used (dozer) and I would add all without an APMA. :confused:

- Geowizard

chickenminerRe: Your own piece of Alaska?
Quote: geowizard at 02:40:40 Tue Mar 19 2013

Dick, Nobody said the images are "real time". Get over it! When I rechecked, it said August 2011. So what? :confused:
- Geowizard

So what?
Again ... when did you stake your claims? If the Google Earth image is 2011 than the disturbance is BEFORE that. How long before?
If you staked your claim in 2012. Then someone wasn't mining on YOUR claim.
JOE_S_INDYRe: Your own piece of Alaska?
Geo, you are 100% wrong. I posted (and it's still there to see)

" I asked the specific question "Which takes precedence, posted claim corner markers, survey markers (visible or obscured) GPS co-ordinates or some other marking?" The definitive answer was "Original, best effort, corner markers on any claim ALWAYS take precedence over any other description." ".

I have never said it is OK to move existing corner markers. You're delusional on that.

Having cleared up that major point I feel it's time to back out of here - you don't seem to grasp what others are writing - and using things like lawyers' opinions as fact is just over the top.
Steve_HerschbachRe: Your own piece of Alaska?
I was not commenting - just posting some relevant information.

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