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lobstermanRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
If you go snorkeling enough off any sandy beach, that is alongside any large body of water (fresh or salt water), you will notice that at some times the water has created natural riffles, or a sort of herringbone pattern of high and low spots, and at other times it has been leveled perfectly smooth and flat.
Well during those times that the natural riffles are occouring, yes the larger, heavier, and corser material does concentrate down into those valleys or hollows along the bottom, but as the winds, waves and, currents subside, all sorts of the smallest and lightest debris also settles into those valleys covering all as the bottom smothes out in the calmer weather periods.
Over time, and many, many cycles of wave action over the bottom, the heaviest particulate matter settles ever deeper, all the way down to their deepest possible points below the sands (whether that be down to heavy gravel, solid granite, hard clay, mud, etc. etc. etc.). It is in the depressions within this hard pack sub-strata that will produce the true and rich glory holes. (that we would all love tofind).
But as with anything the ones who will be most successful in finding these areas, are the ones who are actively looking for and working them.
dredgerRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
These guys seem to have some ideas,

klondike_jakeRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
the biggest thing with weres the gold in nome is sea level. each different sea level has its own pay layer. each one makes its own beach. each beach gets eroded and spread out towards the new sea level.
glaciers moved the original loads to the ocean. more than five times.
so if ya ask me its all a crap shoot.
geowizardRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
Hi Jim,

I think you are right. The point is that "There is gold in the surf" because it is still eroding from the beach and it has to migrate through the surf to get into the marine shelf. so, yes, in the current erosional process of the tide advancing and retreating, gold is on the move.

It's kind of like a giant gold pan that is coaxing the gold from the beach and into the sea. :smile:

- Geowizard
Jim_AlaskaRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
Good information Wiz, thanks for the link. It does shoot down my idea to some extent. I was not aware of glacial actions in respect to Nome.
geowizardRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?

That's true. The popular cross-section shows almost vertical laminated folds that contain gold. How much of the marine gold can be attributed to the erosion of the beach area is unknown because other sources have contributed to the marine deposition.

Here's a link to an interesting read on the subject: (begins with abstract on page 4)


There is reference to old beach and new or "modern" beach. The old beach is about 200 feet +/- above the modern beach. The earth was uplifted in the area which raised the terrain 200 feet higher.

There are reports on prehistoric "wisconsin" and "pelukian" glaciation and related erosion of gravels and silts if you or anyone needs references. A good place to research the subject is Alaska DGGS.

- Geowizard
Jim_AlaskaRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
I don't really know the circumstances of gold deposition at Nome, but have an idea of my own that they may not have moved from land to sea. My idea is that they may have simply been left stranded by erosion, as the coastal rock was eroded by wind and water.

But then, I was wrong once before....:confused:
geowizardRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?

I'm sure it has been mapped.

The maps aren't published. The State of Alaska doesn't map gold deposits, so it is unlikely that a public map exists. Private entities i.e. Bima and others use(d) direct sampling and drilling to get numbers.

They don't publish their findings.

- Geowizard
dredgerRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
Quick Question, gold was pushed land to sea,

Question please, how far out from the land in the sea, is gold found, ???.

dredgerRe: Is there gold in the surf, ?
Hey Wiz,

Yes mate, very interesting stuff, Aye, ?.

I have seen the watermaster, defiantly at home in muddy water ways, and I think about 1/4 the right size for Nome. on the up-side that would give us room for lots of sluices,


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