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geowizardRe: What would you do?
So, let's review this...

1. He walked 10 to 12 miles to shoot a bear?

2. He found two nuggets weighing over an ounce - possibly a couple ounces each on TOP of the "ground" ?

3. Your friend has been too busy to go back for the last year?

4. Then he showed you where he found them so YOU could go back and stake a claim?

What would I do? :confused:

When I was a young lad...

There was an old "two holer" outhouse on an abandoned lot in the neighborhood. Always being up for a little fun, I told a couple of the kids there was gold buried under the outhouse!

They got organized in a hurry and started digging! :devil:

- Geowizard
leonardRe: What would you do?
I'd be booking a trip there!
polekaatWhat would you do?
A friend of mine picked these up off the ground, while bear hunting last year. He showed me exactly where he found them on google earth. There is a landing strip within 10-12 miles from the location. The deposit is from where a current river cut across an old river channel. I would like to bring my metal detector, sluice, hand tools etc.... see if I can locate a paying deposit and stake a claim on the site. I've checked all the records that I can find and as far as I know, noone has ever staked a claim within 10 miles of this location.

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