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Steve_HerschbachRe: You want to work an Alaska claim?
Aww, wouldn't be any fun without you there. I am way overdue for a visit to the Ruby area. This summer is booked, but maybe 2014. We will have to stay in touch.
Walt_AnchorageRe: You want to work an Alaska claim?
Hi Steve,
Basically dredging, highbanking or pick and shovel is what I'm anticipating. If you want to bring out the heavy equipment we'll talk. Also, permitting is your responsibility.
Steve_HerschbachRe: You want to work an Alaska claim?
What kind of mining you talking Walt? Dredging, highbanking? Or are you providing D10 and excavator?!
Walt_AnchorageYou want to work an Alaska claim?
Due to other obligations I wonít be able to get out to my claim this summer to do my assessment work. I'm willing to let the right person work it for a 90/10 split. I only want 10% because it will cost you to get you, your equipment and supplies out there. Plus Iíll want you to stake a prospect claim for me that's some 10 miles away and not easy to get to.

The claim has water and is located about 2.5 miles from where Alaskaís largest nugget, 294 ounces, was found. Itís about 30 road miles south of Ruby Alaska. There is a road out of Ruby but the village is not on the road system so vehicles and equipment have to be barged or flown in. The logistics are a challenge before you even move any dirt. If you think you are up to it PM me.

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