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ScrubRe: Loaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
I'm loaded for bear, but not nuggets. Fine gold. Maybe you can give me some pointers when I get to Chicken or Eagle. I've got a Garrett AT Pro which I bought used. Although I've read the book, I'm sure there's a lot more to it. You have the locations where I'll be; I have yours. I should be there ~June1st. Hope to see you there!
Steve_HerschbachRe: Loaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
Fixed the links - thanks. I am guessing you mean the Falcon Gold Probe? I have one, good pocket tool and very sensitive, but it only spot detects to an inch or two.
shaftsinkerawcRe: Loaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
Hello Steve, I get a blank page when I try using the detector guide link. I saw a 1" PVC pipe probe detector demonstrated that AMDS used to sell, what do you think of it for probing the bottom of a shaft? I have culvert lining so get too much interference to use my GMT. Have a great day. awc
Steve_HerschbachRe: Loaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
The detectors I will be using are the ones in the picture. I toyed long and hard with leaving the three Fishers behind and taking a White's GMT instead but I am on a budget these days and decided I needed to just make due with what I already have.

Glacial terrain is way down on the list of decent nugget detecting locations. There is this idea that as glaciers recede lots of gold gets uncovered. Not sure why people think that as it has no real basis in reality. Glacial terrain is geologically new and the best nugget detecting is in areas that have escaped recent glaciation. The richest placers are in country with low, rolling hills, not sharp mountain peaks. I will be hunting interior Alaska.

The guys like Minelab because of the Minelab PI detectors, not units like the Eureka Gold. In my opinion, the Eureka Gold is a heavy, overpriced detector with no coil selection to speak of that no doubt will be discontinued fairly soon. Not that is does not work or not find gold - it certainly will. But if you had a Gold Bug Pro in one hand and a Eureka Gold in the other and offered me both for free, I would take the Gold Bug Pro.

Check out my detector guide in the links below.
FlengRe: Loaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
Are you going to be walking the glaciers? Which detector will you be using? My friend Paul (" A Congressman") from Rob Allison's forum is completely sold on Minelab detectors
and I'm looking at the Minelab Eureka Gold Detector for my first unit. I'm probably going to practice prospecting in Alabama (Tallapoosa) and Arizona (Tombstone) before I head north. You think the Gold Bug Pro would be a better way to go with several search coils?
Steve_HerschbachLoaded for Bear (Gold Nuggets)
Winter refuses to go away in Alaska but spring will come sooner or later. I head off prospecting June 15th for the summer. Good old fashioned stuff, just shovel, pick, sluice, and rocker box. Plus some 21st century technology. I will be relying on my detectors a lot this summer.

Four units that shade from one end to the other with a little overlap just in case. From top to bottom:

1. Gold Bug 2 with 6.5" coil. This will be for detecting bedrock cleaning up the tiny bits.
2. Gold Bug Pro with 10" x 5" DD coil and 11" x 8" DD coils. General purpose tailings detecting.
3. F75 Special Edition with 13" DD coil and 11" DD coil. General purpose tailings detecting.
4. Minelab GPX 5000 with 8", 11", 16" and 18" mono coils. The "big gun"! For use anywhere there is not too much junk.

The Gold Bug Pro and F75 are redundant. For most people the Gold Bug Pro is the way to go. But I get a tiny edge with the F75 on larger gold in tailing piles and I like the large target id that pops up on the screen while in all metal mode compared to the tiny indicator on the Gold Bug Pro. The Pro is a tad hotter on small gold than the F75. The bottom line is I could narrow it down to three machines by leaving the F75 behind but can't quite bring myself to do that. The machine has been too good to me so it goes along and I will be using it for much of my detecting.

Now if summer would just arrive in Alaska. Only a few more weeks to go!

Steve Herschbach

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