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LipCaRe: JMD HB 2841 Notice/Comment
kavemanRe: JMD HB 2841 Notice/Comment
Thank you for your support Mr Nashlund. Thank you for your well written and completely ignorant diatribe above. While I don't disagree with many of your points, it's clear that you have absolutely no understanding of what the JMD is here to do.

You're a smart man, but frankly you're clueless.
overtheedgeRe: JMD HB 2841 Notice/Comment
I left this site for the AMDS site some time ago. Steve finally got tired and this is what is left.
No blame on you Steve, my thanks you earned.

The Jefferson Mining District and its supporters lack any credibility as far as the voting public and politicians are concerned. You are a bigger joke than the damn fool environmentalists are.

You consistently push away those folks who have the most credibility. You seem to think you have some kind of political clout when you have nothing.

You will NEVER have any political clout. How do I know? I'm an old man and I have the same the same type of beefs and use the similar tactics. Yep, the same in your face I'm gonna kick your posterior in the next election garbage tactics.

It is kinda like playing with yourself, feels good but in the end you are still alone.

There is only one way to win. Fight to win and let the dead bury the dead. Sue their butts off. Do you honestly think fairness is on their agenda? Go after their membership. Drag granny into court and take every cent she ever thought was in her unearned retirement account. . Failure is NOT an option.

But you and the Jefferson Mining District is a joke. You will never do what is right and reasonable because you really think the law is on your side. The law sides with the voters. Always has, always will. The voters who count are the ones who are the most afraid of their own failure. There is a far higher percentage of losers that vote than winners.

The only way to win is make the losers lose far, far more. So what do you gotta do?

#1 Counter-sue.
#2 Under discovery, subpoena their membership records and the people themselves.
#3 Put every one of those members on the witness stand and demonstrate to the court that they are idiots.
#4 Make every one of these idiots parties to the counter-suit.
#5 Make sure every granny is shown to be an idiot and a hypocrite. This means computers, cell phones and all electronic devices to include her pace-maker is shown to be a product derived by mining.

But you and the Jefferson Mining District won't do this.

All of your noise is just a joke. And ALL of us lose because you think your perverted sense of fairness is a virtue. Only the productive have the right to decide what is fair. Curious non-producers (CNPs) are first, last and always non-producers and have no say. There are predators and prey. Example: The mice voted to bell the cat.

The Jefferson Mining District DOES NOT speak for me.
Eric J Nashlund
Copper Center, Alaska 99573

You either stand up or shut up!
Mineral_Estate_GranteeJMD HB 2841 Notice/Comment

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