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geowizardRe: Thanks for this forum

Thanks Jim!

I would also pause for a moment on this Memorial Day to say thanks and pay respect for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice that we may speak openly in a forum.

"Freedom is not free."

To those that bitch ablout regulation and the problems with over-regulation, I would only say that there is liberty. Liberty has limits.

After having flown up to Ophir nearly a month ago, I am beginning mining today. The ice is almost gone. the sky is blue, and the weather is warm.

- Geowizard
baubRe: Thanks for this forum
Me too!
oregonguy1Re: Thanks for this forum
i appreciate the forum for its members and the info they relay ..been top notch for me!!! :smile:
LipCaRe: Thanks for this forum
well, it started out good....
overtheedgeRe: Thanks for this forum
There are letters to the editor (LTE) and there is editorials.

I write letters to the editor and NEVER blame the editor for letters I don't agree with.
If you editorialize, be prepared to take the heat.

I do get irritated with repeated LTEs that lack judicial justification. The courts decide, not some self-proclaimed judicial/legal expert.

To all of those experts, prove it in court or SHUT UP! If I can help you prove a valid point, I will give it to you with NO reimbursement asked or expected. We are all in this together. I will only help you prove stupid for the other side. Feel free to prove yourself.
Jim_AlaskaRe: Thanks for this forum
Thanks guys, it's nice to know you are appreciated. But I must also point out that I only give the forum format, it is the members who really make this what it is.
cubsquealRe: Thanks for this forum
This forum has class and a very pleasant atmosphere that all other forums that I've seen lack--exception: The New 49ers forum. A person can feel at home here and always anticipate a pleasant experience when looking in. It is no small accomplishment that Jim has pulled off here and he is to be commended for it.
Walt_AnchorageThanks for this forum
I know there have been some difficulties keeping this forum going. Jim, I just want to say thanks for your efforts.

Other mining forums have come and gone but I have always liked your format among the best. The new Mining Journal forum has way too many categories. I don't have time to open each one to see if an interesting topic has been posted. Here I can scroll down and see all the threads and open what looks interesting to me.

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