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Honza_BastaRe: Danube gold
More photos from Danube: Danube
baubRe: Danube gold
Cool !!!
Honza_BastaRe: Danube gold
Just back from Danube. More photos soon...

pelukRe: Danube gold
Honza,in case that's not "old technology" for all,take a look at this. On YouTube look up "Tube Retort". It is a 4 part instructional on construction of a simple retort. It might come in handy for someone like the miner in the video.

I believe it was designed by a professor to help eliminate careless use of mercury.

Honza_BastaRe: Danube gold

This Video [129 clicks] shows old technology used on danube. But that Hg in the end... :confused:
pelukRe: Danube gold
Honza,your pictures,especially today,are most welcome.In Nome,our temps are hanging in at mid 20'sF(-4C).
Also interesting is your description of your gold as having a large portion of flake gold with it. It makes the design of your sluices and the water feed rate even more relevant to a beach miner.
Good luck!

Honza_BastaRe: Danube gold
The most important for manual working golpanners is training - of own back... :smile:
So I went out today and shoveled a few hours. Near primary source, approx 1,3g Au...
Nice sunny day, bird are screaming, flowers stinks, goslings everywhere, spring is finally here...:devil:

baubRe: Danube gold
Cool !
Honza_BastaRe: Danube gold
That miner is my son (3) - little Honza.

Spray holes - I started testing with little holes, they are easy to enlarge, but no way back :confused:. I had cordless drill at the place and drilled larger holes on the right places by the time.

We were well satisfied with pump - 180 keene pump at minimum RPM fed 3 sluices.

JOE_S_INDYRe: Danube gold
Honza - it is always a special treat to us to see you post here!

FIRST - You're Miner" is a most impressive sight - May I ask his name?

Related to you perhaps?

And so, now - to the pictures.

Why such small drill holes in your spray bar?

Also, why shoot up to end up only hitting low?

Possibly (maybe) larger holes (spray holes ) to specific areas of the hopper would 'boil' the material more to release the Gold from the clay?

I (we) always enjoy seeing your mining photos. Thank you for your postings!!!!!


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