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Gold_NuggetsRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
I believe that your observation is right on the money dickb.....people will not get involved in issues that are considered "too political" UNTIL the issue gets into their pocket-book or somehow manages to dink with their livelihood or their family. And by then, it will be too little, too late as you said.
It is hard for the small scale miner to know which issue to support and which organization to donate to because there are too many of them, fighting their own battles on too many different fronts. Consider this: If every small scale miner and large scale mining operation could donate to one spot or a miner's legal fund to arm an army of GOOD MINING LAW lawyers.....how would that work against the envirotypes, the FEDs, all the corrupt judges and politicians and all their regulations and rules and restrictions? Just another thought.......:thinking:
dickbRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
Gold Nuggets:

I totally agree with what you said, What I can't understand is WHY the people that are having all these regulations imposed on their rights, won't support the folks that are fighting for their agenda. It seems to me that each year fewer and fewer folks are participating in the effort to stop these regulators from taking our rights away.

Looks to me like we are getting back what we want.
Too little, too late, too few. :mad:

Gold_NuggetsRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
To turn off the lights and go home is exactly what the Fed agencies and the envirotypes want to happen. That way, they would NOT have any opposition to whatever rules and regulations they want to use to stop mining all together....that is, stopping mining for every miner except a few "designated" operations that will mine for the Feds.
We are fighting the same issues here in the lower 48's and they are hitting us from many different angles at the same time. I truly believe the only way we will stop them is to band together and mount a full-on assault from a legal standpoint and keep them from passing more rules and regulations that cause miners to shudder in dis-belief that they would do something like that. Fighting against well funded and politically driven agendas will take a well funded legal staff to fight fire with fire. The "Mom and Pop" operations don't stand a chance in a fight like this...that is exactly why we need strength in numbers and a well funded legal staff that will fight the fight for miners and NOT be bought out by the envirotypes! JMHO..:confused:
dickbRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
Anyone that doesn't realize that the government is trying to regulate our rights away from us is living in Dream Land, USA.

We have not been able to organize a strong enough group of prospectors and miners from all over the US and mount a strong effort to stop this multi agency and multi state aggression against us.

Maybe it's time to turn off the lights and go home! :mad:

DanAKRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
Its a can of worms for sure..
we are all in the same boat, (unfortunately the boat is sinking !) one day I may decide to expand my operation and these regs sure wont make that task easier
Steve_HerschbachRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
It looks really bad to me, with way too much room for a miner to get into trouble. It is all about existing guys like you just surviving Dick because I do not see how anyone new would be crazy enough to get into the business with all the new regulations and "enhanced enforcement" coming online. The liability is just too high for the low potential reward.
chickenminerRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
Well you may be one of the blessed very few that this new GP won't affect.
If you are under 1 acre, no stream bypass and are working in uplands.

The rest of us find this permit extremely disturbing on so many levels.

The GP now only covers up to 5 acres. It was 10 acres.

Limited stream bypass, the 25 to 50' stream "buffers".

The whole Compensatory Mitigation issue is a real can of worms!

Mitigation monitoring, where the Land Manager my take 5 years to
decide your reclamation is okay.

This is a terrible proposed permit! It will be a death blow for miners
working in valleys where the pay is in the bottom.

dickbRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
It may be that the ACOE is attempting to take the right to regulate the permitting from AK and make the ACOE the people regulating Alaska waters. Basically making the federal government in charge of dredging on the waters that the State of Alaska is now permitting. That way the State of Alaska will no longer have the say on what happens on the waterways in the state.

The fishy part is the timing of the response to coincide with the fact that the miners will be in the field working and probably won't see or respond to this action.

Just my thinking here. :confused:

DanAKRe: COE General Permit for AK placer mining
I just read thru it, 'Im not seeing how this will change what i have going on, care to share your thoughts ?
chickenminerCOE General Permit for AK placer mining
The Corps is proposing a new General Permit for Alaska Mechanical Placer Mining. Any Alaska placer miners out there that currently are operating under a GP had better read and respond to this proposed permit !

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is proposing to re-issue General Permit (GP) POA-2006-1944-M1 for Mechanical Placer Mining Activities in the State of Alaska, under a new number, POA-2014-55. This email is your notification of the Special Public Notice (SPN). The SPN for POA-2014-55 can be viewed, downloaded, and printed from the Corps website:


POA-2014-55, Mechanical Placer Mining Activities within the State of Alaska

The 45 day public comment period is May 8, 2014 to June 24, 2014.

Send email comments to: POA.AKPlacerMiningGeneralPerm@usace.army.mil

If you need assistance, or a paper copy, please contact the Corps of Engineers,
Regulatory Office at 907-753-2712 (Anchorage), 907-474-2166 (Fairbanks),
or toll free 1-800-478-2712.

Thank you for your patience!
Leslie (907)753-5515 / Debby (907)474-2166 "

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:: :: COE General Permit for AK placer mining :: Add Reply

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