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Jim_AlaskaRe: New 49er site
Sometimes our computers get tired, I know mine does and gives me those types of errors. But sometimes its the server. Their server is the same one as we have here on this forum and I know we have had these types of problems.

When you encounter something like that, hit your back button and try it again. They have also had problems with spammers that use the BBBoy server to send hundreds of emails at a time. This causes members to not be able to get on also.
LipCaRe: New 49er site
Both the New 49er's site and this forum give me 404 codes This forum EVERYDAY
They are the only ones that give me any problems.
InspectorTomRe: New 49er site
Colo nuggets...
I was just on it ...give it another try.
May 15, 2014, Thursday eve. 7:59 pm.
colo_nuggetsNew 49er site
Is the site down? Im getting a HTTP 504 message.

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