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FlengRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
Very interesting op-ed Dick and also great observation peluk. Arsenic tailings are a huge part of the bad feelings toward mining by environmetalists. I also did not know that Vancouver was called the "Scam Capital of the World".

We all need to be aware of these concerns and attempt to mitigate them.
pelukRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
Thanks for the article reference,Dick. I've watched this mine topic from time to time and since I don't live in the area,benefit or suffer from it's development,I thought I'd leave it to the residents there to decide...or at least voice their opinions.

I did and I don't know now what the majority opinion is after all this time.I do know what the status is on a big gold project just outside Nome however at the Rock Creek Mine. It is closed after a long road with was put in place via subsidies to help in its construction and development.

Benefits to the public from employment aside,the gold occurs in a host rock that is acidic.That rock,if not disturbed will not release it's acid content.It occurs in arseno pyrite rock.
The runoff from the mining activity must be contained in a fabric lined pond/lake where,if kept under water undisturbed,it is probably harmless.If the acidity of a body of water changes you won't notice it unless you drink from it.

I got an opportunity to see how wildlife fares when drinking from such water however. In a lined pond where the level was altered here in Nome,I began to see voles,a raven and a fox right at the water's edge, quite dead.

I'd wonder if this Pebble Project would run into such a situation with their huge planned containment pond.I didn't see a liner specified.
When I mentioned my observation to the management at Rock Creek Mine,I suggested they might need a cyclone fence around the perimeter to keep the moose and other wildlife away from their pond and it's content.

Natural water runoff into that containment area there carried an acid content that raised an alarm and they were cited for it.

The people in the area of the Pebble Mine are dependent on the local fishery.If salmon returning to creeks in the area actually do sense the individual characteristics of the water they return to,would that be changed via mining? I don't know...I don't live there,so I leave it to them to worry about.

In reading your referenced article and the other comments from members,I decided to poke a bit.I went to Ask.com and entered this subject...."Pebble Mine Host Rock".A list of sources came up and on the right side of the page was a Q and A column.I highlighted "Pebble Mine:Hydrology and Geochemistry Issues by Robert Moran". It's just something to inform an individual about some things confronting the developer.
overtheedgeRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
"I like to hear from all sides of an issue. "

You bet'cha Dick.
A long time ago, I was told that if you can't argue either side of a controversy, you don't understand the subject. Though admittedly on occasion, I have shot off my mouth prematurely. But not out of malice.

chickenminerRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
Quote: overtheedge at 18:04:03 Tue May 27 2014

Sometimes it is wise to vet the messenger.

Always, and I did.

Still an interesting read.
I like to hear from all sides of an issue.
LipCaRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project

Employment History

Writer and Environmental Consultant

Bruce C. Switzer

Visiting Scholar

University of Arizona

Director of Environmental Affairs

Cominco, Ltd.

Adjunct Professor

Simon Fraser University

Board Memberships and Affiliations

Board Member

Mining and Environment Chair, University of British Columbia


Ph.D. , Environmental Studies
University of Alberta
overtheedgeRe: Interesting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
Sometimes it is wise to vet the messenger.

From the ADN op-ed:
"Bruce Switzer is a mining consultant and has served as an advisor to groups opposed to the Pebble mine."

So just what are his qualifications?


I used this phrase in a search engine: "Bruce Switzer+Cominco"

I make no bones about it, I am PRO-mining. Let the market decide.

chickenminerInteresting Op-Ed on Pebble Project
From the ADN..


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