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polekaatRe: Black Magic Miller Table
"I owe my friend that much"

did you catch him with your wife?
baubBlack Magic Miller Table
I was given one of these tables to try out yesterday.
I brought it back and started to set it up. Couldn't get the spray bar to fit and had to carefully enlarge the holes to fit it.
Tried minus 10 raw material. Mediocre performance. Shelved for the nite.
Next day I reread the instructions and ran minus 20 cons, not raw material and the little bugger got more gold than I do with very careful panning.
When I eyeballed the mat with a 20x 'scope, I found small depressions filled with brown, black and some gold particles. These depressions are very small and they work very good.
It's going to be a while, years perhaps, before I finish testing this cleanup sluice and give it back. I want to be thorough. I owe my friend this much.


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