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colo_nuggetsRe: sub surface dredge
Well now that Cali is shut down looks like im back dredging in Colo till things change. Its just to far to make runs to Alaska and keep my job, or I would buy some claims. Thanks anyways. Scott
dredgerRe: sub surface dredge
What about a " fine gold screen/sump" built into the bottom floor of the sub, the sump screens and lifts the fines up to a small surface fine gold ( popandson ) surface sluice,
The screen and sump could be placed at the rear of the sub box/tube, the bigger gold has already settled in the front riffles of the box/tube, ??. maybe a removable attachment fitted to a existing sub,??. screen could be on alot more angle then sub sluice/riffles to ensure "no" build up of rocks on the screen, ??.
Run the sump jet ??. (4 -5 " ) off the big VW p1500, ??.


colo_nuggetsRe: sub surface dredge
Thats where your six comes in!
RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: sub surface dredge
Your VW should have no trouble with that since it was designed to use a VW as power. Problem is there is a lot of small gold in the overburden that you will just blow out the other end.
colo_nuggetsRe: sub surface dredge
I was going to try Glens big yellow beast. With the extra hose Im hoping to clear a much larger area of overburden.
RUSTY_HAPPY_CAMRe: sub surface dredge
Scott, I think the Schmidt Bazooka was the only successful, completely underwater 8" dredge, that would catch much more than small nuggets. It was very awkward and hard to handle and no longer in production. Trying to work with small gold totally underwater has always been a problem. Your V W is plenty of engine for most normal sized subbies.
colo_nuggetsRe: sub surface dredge
Have you guys ever used a jet nozzle with a 4 inch check ball valve, for a shut off? That way you could kill the water supply for a plug up. Im looking at a 8 inch Scott
dredgerRe: sub surface dredge
Another factor is how deep you want to dredge,
vortxrexRe: sub surface dredge
Whichever size dredge you go with, the pump & eductor still have to be a matched set ... in other words, whether you are powering an 8 inch surface dredge, or a 10 inch Subbie, they would still use the same eductor (jet-log), because they are powered by the same engine & pump.

Dave Frank
billcosta_ricaRe: sub surface dredge
you would have no problem running a sub 12" if you build the right jet log you might get a 14" to work.
i have a 60hp vw and the same pump and no problem running a sub 10"


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:: :: sub surface dredge :: Add Reply

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