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baubRe: Bent up sluice box
Yore quite welcome.

eklawokRe: Bent up sluice box
Well may I may have lucked out on that magnet orientation. I think the shock from all that pounding may have cause a pole shift in that pesky magnet. Thank god it's not a tube model. You know how those tubes just shatter to pieces when struck with a hammer, and it's so hard to find them nowadays. And I also did some research on that non USA labor force. Seems that they were all "blessed" by a "french priest". Thus causes the user of such sluice boxes to use alot of "french" words while attempting to use. It also changes any gold in such sluice box into "french gold", which makes it run out of the sluice box as fast as possible and surrender to the water flow as fast as possible while hididing behind the first rock it comes across down stream. This is the reason for the magnet. It is a special magnet comprised of rare earth magnets, cheap wine, moldy cheese, and bad purfume. They only just found out that they can avoid problems with "French gold" as long as the aluminum that the sluice box is made of dosen't come from germany.

Thanks for the help Baub
baubRe: Bent up sluice box
Another thing it could be is that the rock magnet is in backwards. There was a spate of problems with that model sluice some time ago. Seems the non USA labor force had trouble with the assembly and inadvertantly put them in backwards. It's really sposed to be a GOLD magnet, but when incorrectly installed, it's specific gravity differentiator circuitry gets defeated, causing the problem.
Be glad you don't have the tube model with all the attendant power supply and weight problems.

Glad to be of help,

eklawokRe: Bent up sluice box
Well, last night I decided just to beat the thing back into submission with a dead blow and a block of wood. I even "adjusted" the trim on it for better lift for when I throw it next. Should fly straight now! Couldn't find where keene hides that rock magnet at though. I was wanting to remove that dastardly little thing, but it's well hidden. Well back to business at crow or bertha creek this weekend. I hope that when I buy a highbanker one of these days, I get one without that stupid rock magnet. And by the way, who left all these $%^&* rocks laying around anyways? Don't they know that thoses things bend up sluice boxes when you need to throw them?
MarshallAkRe: Bent up sluice box
I think Trapper Jerry may be onto something: throw it faster next time. That way there is less time for it to get bent up again. It's kinda like driving a car: if you drive real super fast, there will be less time to have an accident between destinations...


kurt_BlumbergRe: Bent up sluice box
I built my own box out of aluminum sheet...had it bent by a heating and air conditioning shop. I did the layout and cutting and had them brake it with tabs on the edges so I could rivet the end. I also had them bend a 1" lip on the top edge. Folded it inward but now wish I had folded it outward instead.
baubRe: Bent up sluice box
One thing to consider is to build a P/S sluice. Great capture and easy to clean. If not, mebbe pound the Keene into submission and warn it about it's behavior.

TrapperJerryRe: Bent up sluice box
I like the way you write, your funny.
It was "Murphys Magnet" that was the culprit.
Next time, just throw it further off to the side.
Also, throw it much faster... so there will be less
"wind drift".
Kentucky windage should be used sparingly - the higher you throw, the greater the wind current, so plan accordingly and please post some mid -air pics if ya got any!
eklawokBent up sluice box
Can a guy get just the "box" section for a keene KEA52 sluice box? I.....um....bent mine up this past weekend crossing crow creek by tossing it to the other side. Seemes that Keene hides a magnet inside them somewhere so when airborne they are attracted to rocks instead of the bushes that you are aiming for (LOL). I don't know if I should just bite the bullet and buy a new one, try to find just the "box" portion, or get some aluminum and bend a new one up. The flair, riffles, and of course the carpet are all fine. I guess if I bought a new one I would have some spare parts to make some other contraption. What do you guys out there have to say? (other than don't throw your sluice box into the rocks)

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