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rlh1946Re: Grubstaking anyone?
Quote: geowizard at 14:55:12 Thu Aug 13 2009

Now you're getting on to one of MY favorite subjects!

No grubstake would be complete without a beer or two. Many old timers kept a flask with instant refreshment inside. The old liquor bottles were curved so they fit right inside the back pocket of your pants. Whether you strike it rich or not, you can always celebrate!

A few years ago, I got curious about making some home brew. I lived near a feed store and they had high quality horse feed in 50 pound sacks. The horse feed had rolled oats, corn, barley, molasses and 50 other things that sounded like good ingredients. I picked up five, five gallon buckets added a heaping 4 ounce spoon of yeast, a cup of sugar, and filled each bucket with horse feed and warm water.

Made my garage smell like a brewery! :confused:

was it any good?
Walt_AnchorageRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Baby wipes are nice to have. When you don't get a shower for extended periods they are a good substitute.

Also the Spot Locater I borrowed from BobAK seems to be working here in remote Alaska. I've been sending OK messages daily. It could come in real handy in case of an emergency. If you haven't seen them go to: http://www.findmespot.com/en/
Walt_AnchorageRe: Grubstaking anyone?
And beer makes friends too. Offer some to your neighbors and see how willing they are to help with whatever you need done.
eklawokRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Hey!?!?!? WHAT ABOUT BEER? It's not only for getting drunk on ya know. There is a reason that it is called "liquid bread". Good quality, unfilterd beer (the stuff with the yeast at the bottom of the bottle) has lots of good stuff in it. Lots of calories, vitamins, and minerals. And you can make it for cheap too. 6 lbs of malt extract will yeild 5 gallons of liquid gold. And since you have to boil the water to make beer, it's safer than drinking the water. Imagine that!
baubRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Thanks for the water filter idea, Geo. I will check it out. I've heard some horrors stories about giardia. Brrr.

One mo thing. Heat retention. You may not have any problems this time o year, but if you go to the higher country, it could be a problem. I've used large black, plastic garbage bags as rainsuits and heat collectors.
They come in rolls, handy.

baubRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Aluminum foil for cooking, reflecting heat, wire and fuses.

smallcord for many things. I use it to hang my rolls of ta da, duct tape, high in the tree so bears don't steal it.

To make wire :
Use cord for the inner strength and length, wrap it with alum foil for the conductor and use tape for outer wrap. Some tape is conductive tho.

small container of beach, wet or dry, for water purifying, wounds, etc. Plastic container may be best.

Good luck Geo !

NeilAKRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Does Mr. Magnuson know you are heading out there?

overtheedgeRe: Grubstaking anyone?
pilot bread
peanut butter

Just cause sometimes you don't wanna cook.

I like candles for starting a fire when things are a bit damp.
baubRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Ok some more stuff.

T/bags, both traditional and other

jerky, several types

PLASTIC cups of puddings and fruits. Plastic burns and doesn't need to be buried or carried out . Some have gel encapsulated fruits.

1st use for toilet paper might be as a filter, water, coffee etc, use several layers and dry for the second use, or not.

small canned ham. Use can for whatever later

I like angel hair pasta because it cooks quick and requires less fuel.

PRESCRIPTION drugs, Tums, antibiotics, small first aid kit, spices, duct tape for splints, sunscreen, Ibuprofen or equivalent.

water purifier


leatherman tool. small tool kit, good brand a duct tape,
razor knife, tywraps, cord, micro fishing kit, tweezers, 20 feet or so of electrical wire,

backpack or vest to carry things handy. Orange mebbe ?

waterproof matches, couple a flares. Same reasons

mirror, breakproof. Magnifying glass. Micronta style microscope, binocs

hand axe, another small knife, spare tent pegs, 2 spare bullets, in case the intruder brought friends, lol.

Small roll of reflectix insulation for making a ground sheet or sleeping bag addition etc. Some thing to sew it with. Duct tape ?

Did I mention duct tape ??

Brian_BerkhahnRe: Grubstaking anyone?
Hey Geowizard,
Don't know about rubbing bear scat on ya to go keep the flies away.. I know if you don't take a shower for a few days they bother you even less.
I heard on the TV (always gotta be true) that the best bug deterant is body odor, seems to work.

Ammo is getting scarce.. you know who to thank for that.

Marshall has a good story about bears, gas cans and a can of orange spray paint.. I wonder if anyone ever shot that sucker?


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