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kringle_miningRe: SD#5 Structural Barrier
Thanks for the comments Jim

I will be dredging this portion of the creek in late May 2011 (circled area in map below). If you can find time in your schedule this Summer to come up to Ottertail and Demar for a visit, I will come down river and pick you up with the airboat.

I am going up to UAF within the next couple of weeks to rock,chaulk talk with Rainer Newberry to discuss lithologies in this area, and to confirm his airboat ride.

Geo_JimRe: SD#5 Structural Barrier
Hi Kringle,
Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Yes, I think you have interpreted the geology correctly. The quartz vein or rock ridge could be cutting across the valley floor acting as a dam/riffle. It sort of thing does happen. The former creek would be channeled by the outcrop and impact the gold distribution accordingly.
Geo Jim:smile:
outnaboutnakRe: SD#5 Structural Barrier
Very interesting Kringle. I can think of several places off hand where I have seen examples of this and looking at topo's Im sure I can find more.
kringle_miningRe: SD#5 Structural Barrier
kringle_miningSD#5 Structural Barrier

Below are two barriers. The horse shoe is a plunging anticlinal fold in the bedrock schist

The oxbow ponds are perpendicular to the current flow of Ottertail Creek. The shallow depth of gravels here suggest an barrier causing this topographic feature

This barrier could be:
1. an up thrown fault
2. a basalt dike ( basalt bolders are found while dredging)
3. a prominent quartz vein (large boulder found while dredging)
4. Two more plunging anticlinal folds
kringle_miningRe: Trapping Pay streak with Structural Barriers
Here is the beaver dam. This shot was taken in 2006

Visible in the back ground beneath the three close birches is a portion of the vein.
kringle_miningTrapping Pay Streak with Structural Barriers
This quartz vein is 6 to eight feet wide with the apparent strikes 284 degrees and dipping 56S .

It is the structural feature that forms the finger heading up the side of the Mountain at the mouth of Demar Creek.
The black on the quartz veins is mostly lichen

The red line in the map below is the finger that the vein forms. See how the vein which disappears under a beaver pond blocks any concentrates from escaping into the river. Demar is walled off with a shallow hump of qtz vein.

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