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popandsonminersRe: Latest From Nome
Boy, that sub is impressive, and looks expensive, too! I do hope they are veteran Nome ocean dredgers and are wildly successful. And don't turn out like AK au diver reports about many dredgers, spending $100's of thousands on designs that don't work or are not dependable. I have personally witnessed that outcome with some dredgers I met and it is devastating both financially and emotionally.

Please keep us updated on how the sub performs in Nome!

pelukRe: Latest From Nome
Apparently you guys saw all of them.I only now got to view all the new photos by hitting on "View Slide Show".I think some of you may only have seen the 4 photos visible on the display under "Nome Beach Equipment"

Yes,that sub is a wonder to behold.
audragonRe: Latest From Nome
wonderful pics peluk thanks for posting them. the sub looks cool I hope it works for them.
HolotadiginRe: Latest From Nome
"When I arrived at their location and saw what they bullt,I just dumped it out."

lol, thats an impressive project. I wonder if they could also have a bucket to handle the oversize? Might be against regulations or not needed though?
billcosta_ricaRe: Latest From Nome
i guess you could call the pictures of the dredges the good, the bad and the ugly, luck to all.

pelukRe: Latest From Nome
Maybe they will have them listed later.i just checked it and the photos are not there yet though they said "successfully saved".I'll see later if they come up and give it another shot if they fail to show.
pelukLatest From Nome
Here are a few shots from Nome.Try the "Nome Beach Equipment" collection(latest entries)at www.peluks-poke.spaces.live.com/photos
One should be of a Keene "Nessie"dredge working offshore.They have gradually adapted it for this purpose but I don't know of the itemized changes involved.

There is a photo of a riffle rack in a 4"Keene"dredge with both standard spacing and locations where some riffles were removed.Fine gold recovery is improved in the wider spacing according to the owner.The same dredger added a lifting frame for the sluice with a screw handle.

There are also 2 photos of a submarine mounted dredge.It is track propelled as well as prop driven.It is still in the prep stage having just arrived in Nome.This is an impressive undertaking and most likely done without stimulus money.

Ok,I better go get back at it.I was going to show these sub builders what I got in my pan.When I arrived at their location and saw what they bullt,I just dumped it out.

Maybe I didn't...but I felt like it.

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